Chapter 1116: The Gathering of the Clan Heads

“Eh? What’s wrong?”

Hong Yin asked, confused why Bai Yunfei had stopped.

“Please wait a moment. These people are acquaintances of mine, I’d like to greet them first.”

“Acquaintances?” Hong Yin repeated to himself. “Those two? How does Bai Yunfei know them?”

Already up high in the sky, Bai Yunfei drew closer and closer to the two rays of light before finally coming to a stop with them.

“This junior pays his respects to the Two Winged Kings.”

Bai Yunfei bowed to the two.

It was a male and female pair. Both looked to be thirty years of age. The male wore a rich-purple robe while the female had a green one. The male’s eyes were bright and his expression sharp. The female was beautiful and graceful. They were the ones Bai Yunfei met years before when he was just a Soul Exalt. They were the Two Winged Kings!

Time made them stronger, it seemed. Bai Yunfei remembered...

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