Chapter 1113: So Many Upgrade Stones!

Catching the object thrown at him, Bai Yunfei took a quick glance down at it. It was a space ring.

“Are these crafting materials?” 

A quick scan of the contents told him the answer: “They are!”

Judging by how rare every single material was, Bai Yunfei assumed the Three-eyed Tiger King had prepared them beforehand. All sorts of valuable resources and metal could be found in that space ring. Some of them were even rare enough that Bai Yunfei found himself itching to take a good look at them.

The Soulbeast Forest was a hidden trove of treasure. All sorts of rare treasure worth countless stones could be found, but only if a treasure-seeker was in turn willing to risk their lives. Not even the Soul Kings of the Crafting School were willing to risk their lives for the bounty in this forest. But for a soulbeast like the Three-eyed Tiger King, collecting these materials was but a simple task.

“I thank you for these gifts, senior Tiger King. Your participation is nothing but good news...

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