Chapter 1106: A Shocking Proposal!

“A Peak Late-stage Soul King!!”

The Golden Lion King was the first one to exclaim his thoughts. Everyone expected an abnormally powerful soul cultivator, one that was a Soul Emperor at the very least. 

“Everyone, this is the Crafting School’s rumored disciple of Zi Jin, Bai Yunfei. It’s all thanks to him our problems were resolved.”

The Bloodhowl Wolf King called attention back to himself. “Bai Yunfei, these are the allies of my clan. Gathered here today are the violet-eyed dragons, the frost magihawks, the azure-winged bats, and the golden lions….these are their respective leaders, the Violet Dragon King, the White-browed Hawk King, the Azure-winged Bat King, and the Golden Lion King…”

“This one is Bai Yunfei. It’s an honor to meet...

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