Chapter 1099: Unable to Beg For Even Death!

The Wind Ape King was in a pretty bad state. Being blind in one eye and struck by a star would do that to a being. The only reason he was functioning as well as he was now was due to him igniting his own soul to suppress his wounds. Much like a person on adrenaline, the Wind Ape King was operating under a frenzied state. Undoing the bloodrage status he was under would simply mean being unable to fight… 

But on the other hand, not undoing bloodrage would mean equally disastrous things. His entire body would be blown apart if he didn’t undo it!

Damned if he did or didn’t. The Wind Ape King hadn’t the luxury to think about the false illusion of choice!

He was in a frenzied state, but also not in an actual frenzy. His mind sparked with intelligence still. Even when he was hit by the Starfall of the Celestial Wofl, he was still able to sense that the very last ape of his...

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