Chapter 1097: The Distinction Between Victory and Defeat

The class seven bloodthirsty wind apes didn’t stand a chance of winning anymore. Not with Xiao Qi and the others around. They couldn’t even run away least they die even quicker. Their only chance of survival now was to wait for the Wind Ape King to defeat the Bloodhowl Wolf King and come to their rescue.

Yet the Wind Ape King would need more time in order to come to their rescue. Defeating the Bloodhowl Wolf King was taking more time than he thought. Bloodrage wasn’t even enough for the Wind Ape King to do anything to the wolf. If anything, it seemed like things were getting more and more perilous for the Wind Ape King.

Thus, the class seven apes had to stand their ground. Entering into a Bloodrage of their own to fight, the apes still found themselves powerless! Xiao Qi, Long Lan, Wu Dijian and the Yao clan were far too powerful for them. The class...

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