Chapter 1094: It's Your Turn!


The wind rustled with activity as the Demon-eyed Tiger King touched down in the skies next to Bai Yunfei. 

The Golden Roc King was gone. Captured and rendered immobile within the Core World.

Then, Bai Yunfei disappeared as well.

The Core Stone fell from where Bai Yunfei’s neck used to be and landed within the outstretched palm of the Demon-eyed Tiger King.

He went still after that. The Core Stone was safe in his hands while Bai Yunfei went within.

Inside the Core World.

The sealed form of the Golden Roc King was suspended over the top of a rather large mountain. Right beside the roc was Bai Yunfei.


A wave of energy traveled from beyond Bai Yunfei the moment...

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