Chapter 1092: The Bounty

“Damn it all!!”

The Golden Roc King seethed with rage at the sound. The soulbeast that died had been one of his own!

A class seven four-winged roc had died!


Light far brighter than before formed on the tips of the Golden Roc King’s wings before flying at the Demon-eyed Tiger King!

“Xiao Lan, kill that one!!”

On the other side of the battlefield, Xiao Qi was just turning around to call out to Xiao Lan. He and Xiao Lan had just managed to kill one of the mid-stage class seven rocs a moment ago, freeing up more time and energy for the two of them to strike down the others. There was one late-stage class seven roc Xiao Qi noticed that was a prime target for Xiao Lan to kill right now.

Excluding the Golden Roc King, his clan had only six class seven golden rocs. Two of them were dead now, meaning only two late-stage class sevens,...

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