Chapter 1091: A Temporary Deadlock

“What is this?!” Gawked the Golden Roc King. Since when did a ‘mountain’ appear over his head?!


Then it hit him.

The Cataclysmic Seal shuddered as it came to a stop—the Golden Roc King was somehow able to prevent the Cataclysmic Seal from bringing him to the ground!

“A heaven-tier soul armament!!”

The shock the Golden Roc King felt jumped to another level. Crumbling a normal mountain to pieces would’ve been easy for him, but for some reason, he couldn’t destroy this one!

That meant it wasn’t an actual mountain that fell on him, but a…soul armament!

And a mid-heaven tier soul armament at that!!

Having been impeded by this attack, the Golden Roc King began to plan for his second opportunity to attack the enemy. But at that moment… 

A golden tiger came flying up to him—the Demon-eyed Tiger King was...

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