Chapter 1090: Suppressing the Golden Roc King

A Half-emperor didn’t mean much to the Golden Roc King normally, but this wasn’t a normal situation. He was still feeling quite confused about what to do about the Demon-eyed Tiger King when this Half-emperor appeared. Even if this person was weaker than him, it was still an irritating waste of time.

“Wasn’t the Demon-eyed Tiger King the medium of their headmaster?! Why is this happening then!?”

The Golden Roc King’s heart trembled with confusion. At first, he thought that this was some sort of sinister conspiracy of the Beast Taming School. To bring out the Demon-eyed Tiger King when everyone didn’t expect and try to defeat him and the Wind Ape King. It seemed plausible until the Demon-eyed Tiger King began to attack his own people and killed off a Soul Emperor. Combine that with the...

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