Chapter 1089: Trapped!

Needless to say, the beast tamers were all going crazy. They were confused by what was going on and unsure of what to even do next.

They had four Soul Kings there, but not even they fully comprehended what happened in the last few seconds. 

First, the medium of their headmaster unexpectedly shown up. The beast tamers were happily excited to see him then.

But then their ‘headmaster’ attacked Duan Tianqing!

Duan Tianqing didn’t stand a chance. He had no way of expecting such an attack and was incapacitated within a matter of moments!

Then…someone else from the forest whisked him away!!

What kind of enemy was this?! And how did they do it?! How in the world did this person manage to hide within the forest without being detected?! Were the Soul Kings being tricked somehow?!

The biggest shocker...

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