Chapter 1088: Surprise Attack From the Demon-eyed Tiger King!

“The Demon-eyed Tiger King! It’s the headmaster, the headmaster is here!!”

Several of the Beast Taming School’s four Soul Kings cried out in recognition of the golden light pervading the skies. They were familiar to the light and were surprised to see it here.

“It’s the Demon-eyed Tiger King! It has to be the headmaster, did…did he send his medium here!?”

Shock filled the Wind Ape King, though it wasn’t for long. He knew the Demon-eyed Tiger King from long before, but two-hundred years had already passed since the Demon-eyed Tiger King was caught by the Beast Taming School and turned into a soulbeast puppet. What he didn’t know was that the Demon-eyed Tiger King was now a medium for the Beast Taming School to use.  That was, until now.

“So the Beast Taming School...

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