Chapter 1087: The War Begins

It was only supposed to be a test run. Bai Yunfei just wanted to see how much energy Lao Sha could absorb at once. Absorbing half of the beginning salvo would’ve been good enough for Bai Yunfei to be satisfied, but for the dog to take in everything? That was not something he anticipated.

If anything, just absorbing the first few elemental wind attacks would’ve been good enough. The Bloodhowl Wolf King could’ve stopped the rest of the attacks after that and lead the rest of his clansmen to attack. 

But Lao Sha…took in everything! Every single attack!!

Over twenty attacks! All attacks belonging to a class seven soulbeast or a Soul King! Not even an Early-stage Soul King could ever hope to pull off a defense like that, but Lao Sha did it without difficulty!

Sure, the dog seemed to be a little tired, but that didn’t make the dog’s achievement any less amazing!

But this was most likely Lao Sha’s limit.


A sound not unsimilar...

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