Chapter 1086: A Stunning Initiative by Lao Sha!

The strongest of the wolf clan stood high up in the skies with the Bloodhowl Wolf King at the very front. Grim, they held their position and waited. Throngs of class six wolves stood directly beneath these individuals with equally serious expressions.

Everyone was staring off in the same direction, and for good reason. Beams of bright light were flying from the same direction towards the wolf clan. Bai Yunfei noted that of these beams of light, three of them stood out amongst the rest. Those three beams of light were so bright and intense that they warped the colors of the sky around them. Bai Yunfei could also see that the auras within these lights were extremely powerful. It was as if he was waiting for a huge asteroid come drop down on him.

“Senior Bloodhowl.”

Bai Yunfei...

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