Chapter 1082: A Reunion of Friends

Duan Tianqing’s fury could scorch the heavens with how heated it was. Composed of equal parts confusion and shock, the elder simply couldn’t figure out how this rescue was done. How in the world did the enemy pull it off!?

He hadn’t even sensed them when they teleported! Twice! How powerful was their stealth capabilities?!

But the most vexing thing about their abilities was how he couldn’t even sense which direction the enemy was teleporting to!

In other words? In other words…Duan Tianqing had no idea where the enemy was; they were far beyond his range of perception!

So again, he had to ask the question: How?!

Could we be up against a Mid-stage Soul Emperor? A Late-stage Soul Emperor?” Duan Tianqing wondered in worry, would they be able to withstand such a worrisome foe?...

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