Chapter 1081: A Lightning-fast Rescue

While You Qingfeng and his companions might not be in danger, how could Bai Yunfei not feel anxious about them being captured? The Beast Taming School might be putting everything else off until they could strike the wolf clan, but that didn’t mean they’d wait for long. Who knew when the Beast Taming School would attack? From tomorrow to next month, there was no certainty. What if something happened?

This was true for Qiu Luliu, Chu Yuhe, and the other female disciples, moreover. The human heart is not at all always pure, and beast tamers commonly held more immoral traits than moral ones. If someone were to have any ideas… 

So Bai Yunfei decided that it was imperative for their group to launch a rescue at once!

“Wind Slicer, could you bring your clan members back with you? Please tell big brother...

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