Chapter 1079: An Old 'Acquaintance'

Bai Yunfei’s path through the forest was a fast one. Hardly any time had elapsed before they reached the area where a battle between men and soulbeasts were taking place.

On one side were several class six soulbeasts—all of them canine-type soulbeasts. From the green light that shined around the wolves, Bai Yunfei was sure they were wind wolves.

The Soul Exalts were disadvantaged in terms of numbers. There were only nine of them, but each of them had one or two soulbeasts in which they could use to attack the wolves.

“So the beast tamers are here after all!!”

Bai Yunfei flew even faster towards the battlefield when he realized who the wolves were fighting.

It didn’t take the beast tamers long to realize that someone was coming at them. The power radiating from Bai Yunfei...

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