Chapter 1077: Demonic Armament

Bai Yunfei was running low on soul armaments to experiment with now. All there was left were the high-grade soul armaments from the Soul Kings of the allied army. He quickly upgraded them to +10, and then to +11 one after another in rapid succession.

Fully assured of his success, Bai Yunfei took off the armor he wore and upgraded that too.

Upgrade Succesful
Equipment Grade: Mid Heaven
Elemental Affinity: Metal, Darkness
Upgrade Level: +11
Defense: 4500
Additional Defense: 2600
Soul Compatibility: 18%
Equipment Effect: When an attack is blocked, convert and add the moment blocked to one's defenses for 1 minute.
Amount converted is dependent when attacked and can be stacked. When stacked, the next stack cannot...

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