Chapter 1076: A Breakthrough with the Upgrade Technique

Due to the Core Stone’s teleportation abilities, Bai Yunfei and the group with him were able to travel at an incredibly fast pace. The only thing preventing him from teleporting again and again in quick succession was due to the soulforce consumption. He’d teleport in short bursts and then recover half the soulforce lost and flew with Wu Dijian and the others. Once healed, Bai Yunfei would repeat the process.

And so the group was able to reach the very outskirts of the Qimang Mountains by the time the day was over. Not even a single feral class seven soulbeast was met during their travel.

The group wasn’t in an urgent rush to get to the Soulbeast Forest despite their goal. When night fell, they would retreat into the Core World and rest until the next day. 

As per usual, the group used the Core Stone to travel once the morning of the second day came....

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