Chapter 1070: A Conclusion


Bai Yunfei wiped the sweat from his brows in relief. Seeing Tang Xinyun attacked like that made his heart skip a beat with fear. He felt like his entire body had suddenly been dipped into a pool of ice when he saw her be attacked. Qin Bangjie’s attack was so fast that not even Bai Yunfei had the time to react to it. 

His first thought was to activate the defensive soul armament he gave Tang Xinyun if she didn’t do it, but luckily it seemed he didn’t have to.

He knew all would be fine once the soul armament was used. And it seemed like its effects were better than he expected—seeing Qin Bangjie’s remaining arm be cut off by his own rebounded attack and then killed by Xiao Qi made Bai Yunfei feel completely at ease again.

Everything was going as he thought it would until Qin Bangjie went and attacked Tang Xinyun. It infuriated him to no end that Qin Bangjie would do such a thing, but...

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