Chapter 1069: Qin Bangjie's Death By Irony

Qin Bangjie was frothing at the mouth.

How in the world had the situation gone this badly?!

No matter how much he ransacked his brain for an answer, Qin Bangjie simply couldn’t find an appropriate answer!

Two Soul Emperors had been leading the hunt for Bai Yunfei and the Yao clan. Qin Bangjie saw the two Soul Emperors head out to fight first and thought they’d win by now.

But reality saw fit to say no! For some reason, the two Soul Emperors were fighting one another!

How else was he to respond to something like this?!

And yet again, reality saw fit to make it even worse. Of all the people attacking them, the Bird and Beast Fiends was a part of that group!

The contracted partner of Bai Yunfei!

They only rushed...

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