Chapter 1067: Bird and Beast Fiends

The one who screamed was Xu Qianqing!

He screamed when Xiao Qi and Long Lan attacked the group of Soul Kings. Several crescent-shaped blades of darkness shot through the crowd and managed to hit several of the Soul Kings!

And the majority of these Spatial Edges were aimed at Qin Bangjie and Xu Qianqing from the Soul Refining School!

Like a net, the Spatial Edges covered an extensive area with very little room to weave in between. Many of the Soul Kings were exceedingly fast, however, and were able to quickly move out of harm’s way in time.

Those standing at the densest parts of the Spatial Edges like Qin Bangjie and Xu Qianqing had an extremely difficult time dodging them all. Xu Qianqing himself was only able to dodge four of them before he was caught off guard by a sudden streak of black and blue light!


Qin Bangjie wasn’t...

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