Chapter 1066: A Furious Nether

“Lin Xiangtian! What is the meaning of this!!?”

Furious, Nether roared at the Demon-eyed Tiger King, demanding for an explanation for his previous actions.

For some unfathomable reason, Lin Xiangtian had deigned to become a ‘traitor’ and help Bai Yunfei!

What in the world was this!

It seemed practically impossible to believe, but the truth was the truth! It was definitely the Demon-eyed Tiger King that stopped both of Nether’s attacks!


The Demon-eyed Tiger King only roared loudly in response. It didn’t seem like the Demon-eyed Tiger King even knew what ‘Lin Xiangtian’ even meant. Exploding with power, it charged straight at Nether with its claws outstretched to grab at Nether’s heart!

“Not good!!”

Being attacked so suddenly by his ‘companion’ disturbed Nether something fierce. Before he could...

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