Chapter 1064: The Bane of Soulbeasts, the Beast Taming Ring

Lin Xiangtian was already panicking before the Beast Taming Ring clamped onto his throat. His hands flew up to his neck the moment he ‘returned’ to grab at the Beast Taming Ring, but he was a moment too late. It was already fitted tightly around his neck!

And for the second time in the last five seconds, he froze!!

“I did it!!”

Bai Yunfei smiled wide with glee—he didn’t think his ‘plan’ would work that well!

Yes…his plan was to take hold of the Demon-eyed Tiger King!! He had this planned ever since Wu Dijian told him about beast tamers and their mediums. Bai Yunfei knew if he stayed here in the Qimang Mountains and his plan worked, then they’d be able to get a new ‘helper’.

The reason why Xiao Qi wasn’t able to find Bai Yunfei through their bond was because...

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