Chapter 1063: The Demon-eyed Tiger King as a Medium

Generally speaking, beast tamers held bodies far weaker than other soul cultivators since they chose to dedicate their time in using soulbeast puppets. If a soul cultivator and beast tamer were to fight hand to hand, then the loser would surely be the beast tamer. It almost went without saying that was true.

But if the beast tamer was allowed one or maybe two soulbeast puppets, then the situation would be vastly different.

A soulbeast puppet to a beast tamer was like a soul armament for a soul cultivator. To a beast tamer, a soulbeast puppet was far more important as a tool of war than a soul armament was.

The majority of Soul Emperors—especially those of the Mid-stage Soul Emperor level—tend to form an avatar for themselves. Forming an avatar required a...

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