Chapter 1061: To Battle

The figure in white floated gracefully in the air like a butterfly. Flitting through the skies, the figure threw themselves into Bai Yunfei’s embrace… 


Bai Yunfei repeated. His arms wrapped tightly around the trembling figure of the person in his arms. Strange as it felt, Bai Yunfei’s throat felt a little raspy. He opened and closed his mouth several times, though no words were spoken after that first time.

“Please…don’t say anything. I’m afraid I’ll wake up again if you say something…” 

A trembling voice whispered into Bai Yunfei’s ears. He grew quiet at once.

“A moment longer…is all I ask if this is a dream…”

The voice spoke again. It was a lithe voice filled with raw emotion, but each word felt like a stab of pain to Bai Yunfei’s...

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