Chapter 1060: A Reunion

Anyone that found Bai Yunfei would definitely end up dead. But they would at the very least stall long enough for either Soul Emperors to get there and deal with Bai Yunfei. The loss of their own members was something they were loathed to do, but both Nether and Lin Dongxiao agreed that it was an acceptable sacrifice to make. If the two of them could make it there, then it’d be possible to kill Bai Yunfei very quickly.

Unfortunately, their ‘expectations’ didn’t fit in with reality… 

The strength of Bai Yunfei was so strong that one or two Soul Kings wasn’t even enough to ‘stall’!

This was no longer a hunt for Bai Yunfei but a waiting game for Bai Yunfei to ‘visit’ them!

And to make matters even worse, Bai Yunfei could employ the use of the other Soul Kings like Wu Dijian and Dan Teng by simply popping them out from the...

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