Chapter 177: A Profitable Inventory

Zhu Zi finally came around not too long afterwards, allowing the four to travel back towards the village before dusk. Under Bai Yunfei’s warning, the group decided to make up the lie that they had been attacked by ferocious beasts while gathering in the forests. In order to protect everyone, Zhu Zi had fought off the beasts, but he ended up getting wounded in the process. After Zhu Zi was sent back home to rest, Bai Yunfei and the other two walked back to their own homes.

Besides trying his best to heal from his wounds, Bai Yunfei had no other plans for the meanwhile. It took two days for his wounds to completely heal, and Bai Yunfei was pleasantly surprised to see that after the intense battle he took part in, he had gained a decent boost in strength. As it seemed, pressure and environment was the fastest way to grow stronger. Naturally, he wouldn’t abandon the Upgrading Technique either.

On the third night, Bai Yunfei finally found the time to take a look at the profits he gained from the battle...

The first thing that came to hand were two crystals. One orange crystal and one light-green crystal specifically, making Bai Yunfei furrow his eyebrows together to think.

“Hold on….the scorpion was killed by them! With their strength, they had to have waited for the scorpion to return before they sprung their trap….agh.”

Sighing, Bai Yunfei stored away the soul crystals and took out the next item; a light-green plant about the size of his palm with two stalks. They were connected to one another by means of two circular “lids” like some sort of freakish mushroom; but the most curious thing about this was the fact that they seemed to be still moving! (Like a propeller).

As soon as this plant was taken out, a rich amount of elemental wind began to pervade the room with so much of it that the entire room began to feel even more ventilated than before.

This was the treasure that Su Xia and Tang Ya stole from the scorpion way back in the cavethe thousand-year-old windshroom.

“This….has to be the treasure the scorpion was guarding. When those two took it, the scorpion nearly killed me for it, and now, it’s back into my hands now….” Bai Yunfei sighed. Thinking about everything that happened and how he had been exploited for the personal profit of another, Bai Yunfei felt a tremendous pain in his head. But still, the fact that this annoyance was solved like so, he felt a nice sense of ‘vengeance’.

Moving on from the subject with a sigh, Bai Yunfei put away the windshroom as well to move onto his next ‘spoils of war’. What came next was quite the shocking discoverybesides from some money and a few miscellaneous stuff; there were a few low-grade soul crystals and primal stones. Though there were no soul skills, there were well over twenty soul armaments!

They were mainly human tier soul armamentsand very low quality ones at thatbut there were still a few middle-grade and high-grade versions as well.

Of course, this excluded the Crescent Moon Blades.

Equipment Grade: High Rare
Defense: 431 
Upgrade Requirement: 77 Soulpoints

Bai Yunfei’s eyes sparkled as he beheld the flexible yellow armor in front of him. “A defensive soul item, and it’s armor too! Jackpot!”

It was a legitimate concern for Bai Yunfei to find a new set of armor to replace his Goldsilk Armor. Finding one even better than that was difficult, but then all of a sudden; he found a new set of armor that was two tiers higher than it! Not only that, but this armor was made from material similar to rattan vines from trees, making it soft and flexible while also providing even more defense than the Goldsilk Armor.

The Goldsilk Armor was already devastatingly damaged and wasn’t too far away from being completely useless. If he could find a set of armor to replace it, that’d be a great stroke of luck for Bai Yunfei.

“Let’s try upgrading it to +10 then….” Bai Yunfei thought.

A moment later.

Upgrade successful
Equipment Grade: High Rare
Upgrade Level: +10 Defense: 431 
Additional Defense: 225 
+10 Additional Effect: Accelerate the body's recovery rate by 10% 
Upgrade Requirement: 77 Soulpoints

An eyebrow was raised at the effect. “Accelerate the body’s recovery rate? Another never before seen effect!”

Following a period of silent debate, Bai Yunfei’s lips curled upwards to form a smile. “Accelerated healing speed….this is an incredible effect! It’s far better than something activated based on a percentage. If I had only tried upgrading this before, I wouldn’t even need those past two days to heal….”

Taking off the beaten and battered Goldsilk Armor from beneath his clothes, Bai Yunfei exchanged it for this newer soft armor. Taking it for a spin, Bai Yunfei moved around to demonstrate the mobility with it worn. Satisfied in the fact that there was nothing strange to be felt while wearing this armor, Bai Yunfei nodded his head and looked to the battered Goldsilk Armor. “Thank you for always protecting me in the past. You can rest now….”

With the Goldsilk Armor stored away in safety, Bai Yunfei took out the next soul armament to be upgraded. This time, it was a two-handed hatchet weighing about fifty kilograms.

Equipment Grade: Middle Rare
Attack: 366 
Upgrade Requirement: 72 Soulpoints

“A hatchet….” Bai Yunfei thought rather regretfully, “This is useless for me. I’ll give it a try though.”

One period of upgrading later….

Equipment Grade: Middle Rare
Upgrade Level: +10 
Attack: 366 
Additional Attack: 175 
+10 Additional Effect: When attacking, there is a 7% chance of inflicting knockback. 
Upgrade Requirement: 72 Soulpoints

“Knockback….” He was disappointed at this extremely lackluster effect. There was once a blade he upgraded in the past that had the same ‘knockback’ effect; but it was only a normal item with a 3% chance to do so. Having a rare soul armament having a 7% chance really did feel too subpar to be of use.

“But….the strength of knockback should be stronger than the other one.” Bai Yunfei guessed.

Since he had no desire in trying to test out the effects of this hatchet, Bai Yunfei put the item away into his space ring and took out another soul armament to inspect and upgrade.

Equipment Grade: Low Rare
Upgrade Level: +10 
Attack: 229 
Additional Attack: 115 
+10 Additional Effect: When attacking, there is a 4% chance of increasing attack by 100 points. 
Upgrade Requirement: 62 Soulpoints

—A short sword with a mediocre effect.


Equipment Grade: Low Rare
Upgrade Level: +10 
Attack: 237 
Additional Attack: 121 
+10 Additional Effect: Add an additional 51 points of attack when attacking. 
Upgrade Requirement: 63 Soulpoints

—A hook-like soul armament with yet another mediocre effect.


Equipment Grade: Low Rare
Upgrade Level: +10 
Defense: 217 
Additional Defense: 99 
+10 Additional Effect: 4% chance of reflecting a portion of the damage when blocking. 
Upgrade Requirement: 61 Soulpoints

—A shield about the size of a washbasin. A strong effect, but a weak probability.


Equipment Grade: Low Rare
Upgrade Level: +10 Defense.... 



It took two resting periods for Bai Yunfei to go through his complete set of low-rare items (Many of them being human-tier) to +10. Each and every single one of them had very disappointing effects, and the only one that had surprised him to some degree was the soft armor which had been the very first thing he upgraded to begin with. Aside from that, nothing else caught his eye. In fact, there were some soul armaments with additional effects that were even worse than the incomplete soul armament had.

“The ‘quality’ of these items are rather lacking…” Pulling out a claw type soul armament with a shake of his head, he was already in the middle of convincing himself that making these soul armaments as a trump card was a lost cause. To wish for so now was a lost cause.

One rest and several sighs later, Bai Yunfei straightened his back. “Next up are the most important ones….”

Following a shake and twist of his hand, the Crescent Moon Blades came popping into his hands in a flash of greenish light—these two blades were separate, but could also be used as one as if they were meant to be so to begin with.

With his heart pounding in his chest, Bai Yunfei began to look through the stats of the soul armament.

Equipment Grade: Low Legacy
Equipment Set: Left 
Attack: 630 
Set Effect 1: Freely manipulate the [Right] piece if within 100 meters. 
Set Effect 2: If combined with the other piece, increase the equipment grade to Middle Legacy with an attack of 998. 
Upgrade Requirement: 83 Soulpoints


Equipment Grade: Low Legacy
Equipment Set: Right 
Attack: 641 Set Effect 1: Freely manipulate the [Left] piece if within 100 meters. 
Set Effect 2: If combined with the other piece, increase the equipment grade to Middle Legacy with an attack of 998. 
Upgrade Requirement: 83 Soulpoints


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