Chapter 175: The Surprise Attack of Shao Ling

 This bronze mace wasn’t any ordinary mace; there was an orange light radiating from its head—it was a human-tier soul item!

Bai Yunfei’s eyes dilated as they registered the incoming bronze mace. His hand continued to maintain a tight grip on the Compliant Rope, but his lower body shifted slightly so that he could stab out with the Fire-tipped Spear.

Ninefold Stab!

This was the very first time Bai Yunfei had used the Ninefold Stab despite being unable to bear the brunt of the backlash, and he used it with his left hand no less!


The sharp point of the spear made contact with the head of the mace, resulting in a metallic ringing sound, but the dazzling glow of crimson light that exploded forth from the spear was what really made Bai Yunfei’s eyes light up!


An earthshaking explosion shook the place, and right after that, the Fire-tipped Spear activated for a second time!

This was the very first time such an event had happened, where the Fire-tipped Spear’s effect activated twice in a row!

Its resulting power was beyond even Bai Yunfei’s calculations. That human-tier mace may as well have been made of paper due to how easily it was torn apart. 

Tang Ya released the mace from his grip as soon as he felt the early signs of the strike, but his right hand was already reduced to a mangled piece of flesh. Not only that, but his body was sent another twenty meters back, thanks to the blast. Staggering to a stop, the man spat out a mouthful of blood as he stared at Bai Yunfei in disbelief.

A series of cracks crawled up Bai Yunfei’s arm before the blood within began to spill out. Even with the blood pouring out, Bai Yunfei barely spared it a glance. Instead, he studied the equally injured Tang Ya, “Shao Ling, now!!”

This sudden shout startled even Tang Ya. Cursing to himself, he whirled around just in time to see a straw-hat wearing youngster come darting out from the grass. He had been hiding in the grass before, but now, he was already right beside Tang Ya with a bright-red object in his hand—poised to strike.

It was Shao Ling!

The fact that a commoner would actually try to fight him was a completely unexpected factor in the battle. Tang Ya didn’t even know what Shao Ling was holding in his hand, but he was already bringing his left arm up to instinctively protect himself.



There was a vibration and a skip in Tang Ya’s heartbeat, but…

There was no follow up?

For just half a second, Tang Ya wasn’t sure what to think. There was hardly a tickle from what Shao Ling used to hit him with. Almost instinctively, his left arm rose to smash Shao Ling’s head with all the soulforce he could muster!


Practically moments before his hand hit Shao Ling, his wrist suddenly felt constricted, and could move no more. Bai Yunfei had, at some point, given up on pulling the blade. He had changed targets with his Compliant Rope, targeting Tang Ya’s wrist.

The valor that Shao Ling was displaying at this current moment astonished even Bai Yunfei. Shao Ling was so scared that his legs were practically knocking together in fright, but he was still able to take advantage of the slight pause in Tang Ya’s strike. Stubbornly, he swung the +13 upgraded brick in his hand, landing a second strike on him!


Tang Ya was about to curse Shao Ling for such a ‘useless’ action when the brick slammed into his chest.

The following sensation Tang Ya felt could only be described as “senseless flight,” and during the next few seconds, an intense headache assaulted his head!

The first time he was hit, he was lucky enough not to trigger an effect, but the second time he was hit, he was blindsided with both the ‘hurling’ and ‘dizzying’ effects!


At some point in his confusion, the slight sound of perforation could be heard. By the time he heard it, Tang Ya realized that not only was he several meters away from Shao Ling, there was also a flash of red from where the now-bloody Fire-tipped Spear lashed out. And then…


There was pain erupting from his throat, but after that feeling, nothing else could be felt…

At the end of it all, Bai Yunfei could be seen standing right beside Tang Ya. His hands tightly gripped the Fire-tipped Spear, and the spearpoint of his weapon could be seen piercing straight through Tang Ya’s throat!

Bai Yunfei’s eyes revealed a callous and cold glare. With a tug of his hands, the Fire-tipped Spear was pulled away. 

Blood came spilling forth from the puncture wound, and Tang Ya’s corpse fell to the ground with a resounding crash. Both of his eyes were wide-open in death, but a hint of disbelief could be seen—the final dreg of emotion he experienced while he was still alive.


Thanks to the fact that Bai Yunfei pulled his hand away—oh, that’s not right.

Thanks to the fact that Bai Yunfei released the grasp of the Compliant Rope on Su Xia’s blade, Su Xia was free to see the state of Tang Ya. 

Shock was the only visible emotion on his face—never once did he think that his own brother would be killed in the blink of an eye!

“But how? But why!?” Su Xia blanked out.

However, the icy look Bai Yunfei gave him jolted him back to awareness, pushing away all his idle thoughts. An animalistic roar welled up within his mind, “He’s too strong! I can’t—I can’t beat him! I have to run, or else I’ll die!”

At the current moment, Bai Yunfei’s arms were both a bloody mess. His left arm was practically devoid of feeling, and his right arm was only slightly better than the other. Now that he had recovered somewhat, Bai Yunfei stored away the Fire-tipped Spear and circulated the remaining soulforce he had into his arms. As hard as he might, Bai Yunfei was trying his best to recuperate his wounds while also giving Su Xia an evil glare.

In the beginning, there were two. One was killed, and now the other one would definitely not escape death!

He could see Su Xia was desperate to flee now.

Naturally, Bai Yunfei wouldn’t give him the chance.

Snarling, Bai Yunfei circulated his soulforce to his feet and charged at Su Xia.

Like a beaten dog in the prairie, Su Xia didn’t hesitate to turn around to flee. With the elemental wind aiding his feet, Su Xia wasn’t any slower than Bai Yunfei as he ran off into the northern forest.

The sight of Su Xia trying to flee only elicited a snort from Bai Yunfei. Waving his right arm, the Compliant Rope slithered seventy meters away with the flexibility of a snake, coiling around the right foot of Su Xia.

The constriction of something around his right leg gave rise to an alarmed expression on Su Xia’s face. The next second, a powerful tug immediately snapped his leg back and pulled him backwards. He fell the ground in practically no time at all.

However, he wasn’t being dragged across the ground back toward Bai Yunfei.

Bai Yunfei was contracting the length of the rope to bring him to Su Xia!

“Asshole, I’ll kill you!” Frothing at the mouth, Su Xia’s left arm swung out at Bai Yunfei to deliver a whistling strike.

Narrowing his eyes in concentration, Bai Yunfei chose to continue ahead and swung his left arm in front of his right.

As expected, when the blade scratched his waist, sparks began to fly as the Goldsilk Armor took another scratch to its plating.

Halfway through the slash, Bai Yunfei’s eyebrows suddenly flew up with a joyous smile—

+10 Additional effect, activate!

(When attacked, there is a five percent chance of gaining an additional fifty percent of defense for three seconds)

The blade returned back to Su Xia’s waiting hand, but upon seeing that Bai Yunfei was quickly coming to him, a frantic desperation began to arise within him. Without further ado, he immediately combined the two blades in his left and right hand to form a single sword!

“Cling!” A metallic ring echoed upon attachment, but the two blade somehow managed to form a single larger blade!

Now that he had a blade in one hand, Su Xia made a furious chop at Bai Yunfei’s waist!

Bai Yunfei’s eyes shined bright with a calculative glint, “The Goldsilk Armor’s additional effect gives me more than six hundred points in defense during this time—I’ll take it!”

Set with a game plan, Bai Yunfei moved slightly to his right without slowing down at all. In a second, he was right beside Su Xia with his right arm glowing with a bright, red light as it prepared to take on the blade.

At the same time, the Flame Winged Blade was about to strike!

But… alas!

Just as the Flame Winged Dagger was about to fully materialize, Bai Yunfei’s face took on a darker shade, and the red light on his right arm darkened as well. The next second, all of his soulforce was sent to his left waist as if his life depended on it—and it did!

There was a sharp pain in that very location! 

The additional effect of his Goldsilk Armor had indeed activated so that he had more than six hundred defense points, but Su Xia’s blade chopped through it as if there was nothing there to begin with!

Upon the blade cutting deep into his abdomen, a force of elemental wind was transmitted into his wounds. Combined with the sensation of pain and the elemental wind forcing its way in, Bai Yunfei’s entire body began to sweat heavily from the pain; it almost felt as if there were blades cutting away at his innards.

Doing his best to throw himself to the right, Bai Yunfei finally felt the pain within his body start to somewhat subside, but the pain was enough for him to lose his balance. With a “plop,” he tumbled to the ground. Thanks to his momentum from the desperate evasion maneuver, it took several meters before he came to a stop.

“Im—impossible!!” Looking at the wound he had received, Bai Yunfei was slackjawed, “The strength of that blade had to have increased by at least half of what it was before! How in the world…”

The fact that Bai Yunfei was on the ground with a rapidly paling face and an equally rapidly bleeding wound, made Su Xia’s face reveal a wide grin following a brief period of shock.

“Hahaha! So you’ve run out of soulforce! You’re at the end of your rope, kid!!”

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