Chapter 132: Stay Your Hands!! (Teaser)

Chapter 132: Stay Your Hands!!

Tang Xinyun gently bit her lip. With a resolute look on her face, she slashed at the body of the colorful snake that had shot from the grass on her right. Sparks splashed from where she hit the snake’s body. Although the little snake was struck flying, it clearly wasn’t injured.

Tang Xinyun took advantage of the short moment she had to shoot a glance at aunty Zhao. She had seen that the woman was unable to break through the entrapment of the opponents around her even though she was madly attacking them. She could hear Xiao Bai’s cries, filled with anger and desperation. A trace of despair flashed through Tang Xinyun’s eyes, but it was immediately replaced with a look of unwavering determination. She continued using her sword to defend against the attacks of the black bat while doing her best to slowly move closer to Zhao Mancha.

She and aunty Zhao had deliberately sped up their footsteps after leaving Bai Yunfei’s group of three within Guyi City. They had reached Gaoyi City in the morning, but...

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