Chapter 128: Instakill!

Chapter 128: Instakill!

Jing Mingfeng may have killed someone in an instant, but what was happening on the other side was far more unexpected!

The very moment Bai Yunfei had cried out the word ‘kill’, his character had completely transformed. Following a brilliant explosion of sparks, Zhao Chuan’s eyes revealed his alarm. Bai Yunfei’s right arm shook once to intercept the blade that was coming at it.

“Clank!” The human tier weapon that had been in Zhao Chuan’s hand was blocked by the Flameblade Bracer. A wave of feedback coursed through Zhao Chuan’s right arm, but before he could follow up with anything else, Bai Yunfei had already stepped forward with his right arm. He slamming straight into Zhao Chuan’s chest!

Ninefold Fist Force!!

“Bang!” Rather than the chest, Bai Yunfei’s fist had slammed against the left palm in front of it, forcing Zhao Chuan to stagger back once more.

Zhao Chuan was stunned by the entire confrontation. He did not expect to see his opponent, who had been blindly defending just a moment before, to suddenly shift gears to retaliate so fiercely against him. With just two moves, he had been sent staggering back. All he could do was swap his dagger for another one and circulate his soulforce to prepare himself to defend, but as he brought his head up to look at his opponent, there was no one to be seen.

Bai Yunfei simply had no intentions of following with another move after the Ninefold Fist Force. As soon as he landed the blow against Zhao Chuan, he made an impromptu turn without even a glance to see what Zhao Chuan might do next. Pushing off, Bai Yunfei disappeared in an instant. He charged toward the mid-stage Soul Sprite beast tamer!

This man hadn’t been participating in the battle from the very beginning. Instead, he had waved his left hand like a baton, controlling the snake to capture Tianming. Bai Yunfei used his Wave Treading Steps to maximize his speed as he flew toward the man with a single pounce.

The sudden appearance of Bai Yunfei initially alarmed the man, but when he saw that Bai Yunfei had elected to leap at him, the man regained his wits and cruelly smiled. Following a wave of his right hand, a ‘black cloud’ appeared out of nowhere in front of him. He had summoned an entire hive of gray bees!

Pointing his right finger at Bai Yunfei, the beast tamer commanded the six or seven hundred bees to charge at him with the power of a whirlwind!

These Tree Wasps were merely second class in strength, but with the cumulative strength of six hundred under the control of a Soul Sprite, their strength would be tripled! The beast tamer had to laugh at Bai Yunfei’s folly, for there was no where to dodge in the air! In his eyes, Bai Yunfei had no possible way of dodging and would therefore be stung to death by these wasps. Without a single chance of escape, the only thing that would be landing on the ground would be a dead corpse!

“Pah! I’ll give him some credit for being a mid-stage Soul Sprite at such a tender young age, but what a shame that he lacks combat experience! A foolish action like this really do—” The beast tamer had felt a moment of elation in his heart when he saw the wasps approach Bai Yunfei, but the next moment, what he saw caused him to pause mid-thought in complete astonishment.

Bai Yunfei had not looked panicked at all despite being surrounded by these wasps. His right arm stretched out so that a wave of elemental fire gathered around it, and with a single thought, he cried out, “Winged Flame Blade!”


A single wave of fire extended from his forearm as it simultaneously increased the temperature around him by a sweltering amount. A single blade of fire about two meters long materialized around Bai Yunfei’s waist in the next moment. It rotated around him in a protective ring. As if it was in orbit, the blade of fire sliced and diced at every single wasp that drew near!

The sounds of sizzling could be heard as the frontmost wasps began to catch fire after being cut. Then, as if like tinder to the flames, the fire spread to the rest of the wasps. It only took the blink of an eye before nearly seventy-percent of the wasps had been burned to death! All that were left were around a hundred bees that floated around the beast tamer’s head, like some sort of instinctual fear had stopped them, not a single bee inched toward Bai Yunfei.

But! Bai Yunfei’s counterattack was not finished yet!

The blade of fire had only been storing up power when it rotated around Bai Yunfei. As soon as Bai Yunfei had readied himself to strike down the beast tamer, the blade of fire above his forearm had grown yet another meter. A blaze of fire big enough to cut down the man!!

Three seconds hadn’t even passed from the moment the man had set the hive of wasps on Bai Yunfei, to the moment where Bai Yunfei was coming at him with a blade of fire after destroying the hive!

Fast — it had been far too fast! The man had absolutely no idea that Bai Yunfei would be capable of such a terrifying attack! There was simply no time to dodge, and no place to even do so! All that was left was for him to bring up his arms in hopes that he could protect himself from the blade...


When the blade of fire impacted against the ground, a series of cracks four fingers wide split across the floor. A brilliant spark of fire dazzled the eyes so that not a single person was able to see just how the beast tamer fared.

Landing gracefully on the ground, Bai Yunfei waved his right arm to recall the blade of fire back to him. Circling around it, the blade of fire made a series of rotations before being siphoned back into the bracer on Bai Yunfei’s arm.

From where the beast tamer once stood, not a single figure was left but pile of ashes…


A mid-stage Soul Sprite hadn’t even had enough time to show off his full power before Bai Yunfei had turned him into a pile of dust!

This was the tremendous effect of a +12 item!!

It had been the second time Bai Yunfei had revealed this move. The first time had been against that gold-mask wearing Soul Exalt that had been chasing him back in Stonegroove City! The difference in strength between that man and this beast tamer was massive, but even the Soul Ancestor had not escaped unscathed! Against a man of equal strength to him, the Winged Flame Blade had instantly killed him!

This was an unprecedented and unexpected situation even to Bai Yunfei. The entire area seemed to stop. Time seemed to have ceased to flow as well…

Zhao Chuan, a mere twenty meters away, had initially planned on striking at Bai Yunfei when he was fighting the beast tamer. Even he paused in his movements to stare blankly at the pile of ashes that was slowly scattering with the wind…

So much was the shock of the two other beast tamers that they hadn’t even realized the stunning move Jing Mingfeng had performed. The both of them stared terrified at Bai Yunfei with their minds completely blank. Neither of the two had thought that the Soul Sprite captain of theirs would be killed by Bai Yunfei without even enough time to let out a scream.

Even Jing Mingfeng had witnessed the spark of fire out of the corner of his eye. He stared at the bizarre halo of fire around Bai Yunfei’s right arm.

“Whoosh!” As the final wisp of fire was absorbed back into the Flameblade Bracer with just a small rustling sound, Bai Yunfei gave his right arm a shake to test to see just how much of the elemental fire had been recalled to him. There was a surprisingly small loss of the elemental fire. However, he didn’t even feel exhausted at all after the move.

Violently turning around, Bai Yunfei looked to Zhao Chuan. It seemed like time restarted once more the moment Bai Yunfei turned around. Zhao Chuan’s eyes dilated when he saw Bai Yunfei look at him, and without any hesitation, he leaped back. He felt that if he was any slower, he would end up like the beast tamer, reduced to a pile of ashes.

At the same time as Zhao Chuan was retreating, Bai Yunfei moved into action. His right arm shook to reveal the Fire-tipped Spear that moved to strike down Zhao Chuan. “Kill every single one!” Bai Yunfei cried out.

Jing Mingfeng moved into action as well by then. Flying toward the two beast tamers that had been controlling the two tigers, he made use of their distraction to strike. These two men of the Beast Tamer School were weaker than a soul cultivator of the same level once split apart from their soulbeasts. With Jing Mingfeng being a whole level higher than them, they stood absolutely no chance.

Like a swift gale of wind, Jing Mingfeng struck down the two beast tamers. Blood poured out from their necks as they fell to the ground. As their eyes dimmed of light, they too lost the ability to live.

The last Soul Warrior had already recalled his soulbeast to him. He made one last final attempt to run away while his soulbeast came snapping at Jing Mingfeng as if it had gone insane.


A single gust of wind could be heard followed by yet another sound. The beast tamer’s body grew rigid, and his mouth dropped open in alarm. He too fell to the ground with his eyes vacant and hazy. From the back of his head, a single dagger could be seen embedded in it!

Bai Yunfei drew back his left arm as he gave a single nod of his head to Jing Mingfeng. Then, he began to chase after Zhao Chuan.

Jing Mingfeng hadn’t been any slower as he dashed into the forest and disappeared out of sight…

Zhao Chuan in this one moment had been completely overwhelmed with shock when he saw the death of the last beast tamer at the hands of the youths. His eyes had already dilated so much that they were practically the size of needles. His feet worked so well that his retreat had doubled in speed, and now all he wanted to do was to run into the forest.

He had been so convinced that this kidnapping operation would be a cinch! However, these two youths had turned the operation into a monumental failure that had not only resulted in the annihilation of the men from the Beast Taming School, but had also brought his own life into jeopardy!

There was no longer any of his previous confidence or any of his previous bravado. In this current moment, all that was left was a single thought, escape!

“F*ck it all, what in the world was that attack!? Was that a soul skill? What kind of Soul Sprite is capable of such a terrifying soul technique!! That spear of his definitely has to be abnormal as well! F*ck! Since when did the son of the house of Ye have such powerful friends! If those two get involved in the conflict between the houses, there’ll definitely be a tragedy! I must warn the lord and unite with the Beast Taming School to eliminate these two at once!”

In the midst of his escape, Zhao Chuan’s mind had been reeling with panic. Seeing that Bai Yunfei was chasing behind him without fail, the man grit his teeth together before forcing his soulforce to shoot out a ray of purple light at Bai Yunfei. Without even seeing if his attack landed, the man twisted his foot so that he’d shoot into the forest to the side.

Halfway through his leap, Bai Yunfei had already dodged the blade coming at him and cried out loud, “Do it now!”

Frightened, Zhao Chuan instantly remembered that there was still yet another person that had disappeared into the forest earlier. He was most likely hiding in wait to ambush him. Turning around, the man prepared to fend off the incoming ambush.

When he turned his head, there was no one in sight and nothing strange to be seen.

“Crap! It was a trap!” Not even a second later, Zhao Chuan realized what had just happened. He had fallen for an extremely obvious trick because of his panic!

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