Chapter 120: Mutual Understanding (Teaser)

Chapter 120: Mutual Understanding

For the sake of clearing away all of the weaker hindrances, Bai Yunfei and Jing Mingfeng did not make an earlier attempt to rush at the Soul Sprites. Weaving left and right, they continued to dodge the birds flying in the air as they were attacked.

Both the Soul Sprites from the Beast Taming School had been relieved to see that their soulbeasts were successful in caging in the two newcomers. Because of their sudden arrival and the frantic state of mind they were in beforehand, the ambush had caught them off guard. All of their weaker men were as good as gone, and only the mid-stage fourth-tier galebird and goldfeathered eagle were left remaining. But even their strength had been reduced from their initial fight with the quickshade bird. It had been fortunate that they had just enough strength to refrain from being eliminated too quickly.

“Brother, what should we do now?” Feng Hao (The taller one) looked to the shorter one with an inquisitive glance.

Tai Ping (The shorter one), had regarded the situation with a grim expression, “What else can we do? We spent more than...

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