Chapter 115: The Consequences of Not Filling A Hole After Digging It (Teaser)

Chapter 115: The Consequences of Not Filling A Hole After Digging It

Continuing their journey, Bai Yunfei was startled to realize that the relationship between Jing Mingfeng and Tianming was growing at an astonishingly freakish rate.

It had only taken them a single morning before the two could be practically seen with their arms over the other’s shoulder by noon. It was like they were now blood brothers. By late afternoon, the two of them were already detached from the group and were gesturing to each other as they excitedly talked.

When night fell, everyone garrisoned themselves by a quain hillside where Huang Wan began to direct people to set up the tents and have some people prepare dinner.

Tang Xinyun had set off to enjoy the landscape because she was interested in the setting sun. She wanted to get there before the sun could completely set behind the hills. Zhao Mancha followed obediently behind her. Jing Mingfeng and Tianming had run off into the nearby forest and out of sight with nothing...

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