Chapter 114: Spirit Recovery (Teaser)

Chapter 114: Spirit Recovery

Upgrade Successful

Equipment Grade: Superior

Upgrade Level: +10

Additional Attribute: +65 Spirit

+10 Additional Effect: Spirit recovery increased by 3%

Upgrade Requirement: 31 Soulpoints

“Success!!” Bai Yunfei felt elation in his heart as he breathed in and out to calm himself. “An increase in spirit recovery! That means… I can recover my soulforce even faster!?”

Bai Yunfei impatiently put the ring on while his eyes beamed with light. Closing his eyes, he began to take in the sensation of his soulforce being recovered.

Ten minutes or so later, Bai Yunfei’s eyes opened up with a pleased smile. Nodding to himself, he said, “What a lucky night this has been! An additional effect like this is just too great!

“Then, should I upgrade this other space ring?” After calming down,...

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