Chapter 110: Beaten Black and Blue (Teaser)

Chapter 110: Beaten Black and Blue

Not too long after their exchange, everyone packed up their things and readied the horses and carriages to depart for Guyi City.

A man named Zhang Yuehan led the group. As per his wishes, Huang Wan stood in the middle while Bai Yunfei walked slowly from behind.

Bai Yunfei would often times talk with Tang Xinyun while Tianming would interject into the conversation with a smile and a word of his own. Naturally, aunty Zhao would stand between Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun as if guarding her from Bai Yunfei.

From the conversation, Bai Yunfei learned that aunty Zhao’s full name was Zhao Mancha, and she was the maid for Tang Xinyun’s mother. Zhao Mancha had also been responsible for being the nanny of Tang Xinyun, so when she went out to travel, Tang Xinyun’s mother told the aunty to travel with her for protection. Her homelands were southwest of the Northern Cliff Province in the Forest Pass Province, but...

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