Chapter 107: Tianming (Teaser)

Chapter 107: Tianming

As he walked, Bai Yunfei slowly began to upgrade the ten ‘Superior’ daggers he had traded for.

Unknowingly, the rising sun had become a setting sun. The harsh sunlight of day had become a comforting twilight as the sky began to dim.


Upgrade Successful

Equipment Grade: Superior

Upgrade Level: +8

Attack: 155

Additional Attack: 66

Upgrade Requirement: 61 Soulpoints

Bai Yunfei glanced at the dagger in his hand before returning it to his space ring while in thought. “It has already reached 200 attack points by +8, that’s enough to put it on par with a soul armament. If I upgrade it past +8, it should gain an additional hundred attack points. That’s enough to be a human tier soul armament. Equipment of the ‘Superior’ tier has a chance of being destroyed after the eighth upgrade. It seems like only soul armaments can be upgraded to +10 without an inherent risk of being destroyed.”

“I’ve only upgraded four daggers and my soulpoints have been used up halfway. I’ll resume my thoughts after this then.” Considering his own situation, Bai Yunfei’s eyes narrowed. “I’ve used up about 1500 soulpoints or so. With my original 3600 soulpoints, I wonder how much longer it’ll...

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