Chapter 105: Once Again.... (Teaser)

Chapter 105: Once Again....

“Red Lotus!”

Jiang Fan’s eyes intensified in coldness as he glared at the black-robed man. Pointing his crimson-red sword at the man, the surrounding seven lotuses seemed to gain a life of their own. Billowing with a trail of flames, they flew to surround the man and sealed off any of his potential paths.

The man shot a murderous glance at Bai Yunfei who was almost completely out of sight already. The golden light from his dagger extended another third of a meter from the tip and shot out across the sky once more.

Snorting, Jiang Fan brandished his sword so that one of the lotuses on the left side flew up to strike against the golden gleam of light.


Exploding upon impact, a tremendous amount of backlash bursted from the collision and washed over the entire place. Unable to bear the brunt of the force, the stones underneath began to crumble and disintegrate while the golden light and the red lotus disappeared.

The moment after the impact, a gleam of golden light flashed underneath the black-robed man’s feet as he dashed out from the gap left when one of the fire lotuses flew away....

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