Chapter 1313: One's Captured, One's Dead

The aura up ahead wasn’t a familiar one, so Bai Yunfei knew it just had to belong to an enemy. Judging from the intensity of the aura, the person most likely wasn’t a Saint.

And that meant there wasn’t much to worry about! Eyes narrowed, Bai Yunfei stalked forward, ready to spring at a moment’s notice.

“Are they fighting? With who? Chengfeng or Mingfeng?”

Bai Yunfei could hardly stop himself from feeling slightly nervous.

The person fighting up ahead was definitely a Late-stage Soul Emperor. For either Jing Mingfeng or Li Chengfeng, such a person would most definitely be a formidable foe and a considerable risk.


The surprise came when Bai Yunfei came close enough for everything to come into view. What he saw definitely didn’t match with what he was expecting...

Far away from him stood a giant simple stone door the color of darkness. There didn’t seem to be anything special about the door, but this was most definitely the very same ‘door’ the Saint of Fate described as being the final obstacle to the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance.

And right in front of the gates were two people. Neither Li Chengfeng nor Jing Mingfeng were here—both of them were enemies!

One was a Late-stage Soul Emperor and the other was a Mid-stage Soul Emperor. Because the earlier burst of soulforce came from the former person, Bai Yunfei neglected to see who the other one was.

At the moment, the Late-stage Soul Emperor was attacking the giant door with all his might.

It appeared he was trying to force open the door.

How arrogant of him to think he could succeed with such a tactic… 


Bai Yunfei didn’t even bother to hide his presence when he approached, so the two Soul Emperors detected him straight away.

“It’s Bai Yunfei!!”

A terrified scream cried out at once, but Bai Yunfei was already taking action. The Cataclysmic Seal appeared from its space ring at once and flew forward at the closest foe!


Expanding in size as it traveled through the air, the Cataclysmic Seal became a giant mountain to crush both Soul Emperors!

“Dodge it!!”

The Late-stage Soul Emperor was actually one of the Soul Emperors that came with Shangguan Xiongyan to attack the Fate School. He was fortunate enough to escape with his life that time and knew firsthand just how terrifying the Cataclysmic Seal was. To try and block the soul armament was not an option!

The Mid-stage Soul Emperor was from the Soul Refining School. His reaction was half-a-beat slower than the other and barely managed to begin his escape maneuver.

But at that moment...


A voice boomed into the ears of both Soul Emperors, freezing them in place at once!!

The Soul Anchor Technique!!

Bai Yunfei wasn’t in ‘Coil’ or ‘Berserk’ Mode. He didn’t have to. His equipment effects and the Soul Sentinel Scarf could double his strength as a Mid-stage Soul Emperor and imprison the two Soul Emperors as easily as a snap of the fingers!


But the Late-stage Soul Emperor wasn’t about to let himself be taken so easily. A furious roar and a burst of violet light exploded from him the moment he was frozen. A violet shadow detached itself from his frozen person before the Soul Anchor Technique could fully grab hold of him and shot away from him!

The Cataclysmic Seal closed the distance in a flash. Striking against the defenseless Mid-stage Soul Emperor, the Cataclysmic Seal sent the man flying straight into the door behind him!


The air rippled as the man was slammed against the door. Several areas of space near the door twisted inwards on itself when the shockwave ran through the area. The stone door trembled as well, but parts of its surface seemed to shimmer and disappear for just the briefest of moments before returning to normal.

It almost felt as though that had the Cataclysmic Seal been just a little stronger, the door would’ve been unable to handle it and disappear.

An idea hit Bai Yunfei as he recalled the Cataclysmic Seal. The Mid-stage Soul Emperor was no longer anywhere to be seen—when the Cataclysmic Seal slammed into him, the man had been turned into paste and reduced to cinders afterward.

He turned back to the other man, the Late-stage Soul Emperor. “You used an avatar to escape my technique…a good attempt, but…do you really think you can escape me?!”


The Cataclysmic Seal flew out for a second time to chase after the Late-stage Soul Emperor!


The man screeched at the sight. Violet light escaped from his body as he made a second attempt to dodge.

He was a Late-stage Soul Emperor, so it wouldn’t be very hard for him to dodge the Cataclysmic Seal. However, the man had been so cowed by Bai Yunfei’s presence that all he could think about doing right now was try to run away.

The ‘legend’ of Bai Yunfei was far too impressive for the man to think he had a chance. If he didn’t run, he’d die for sure!

In a burst of sudden acceleration, the man managed to just barely avoid being hit by the Cataclysmic Seal. Pleased, he turned direction in an attempt to run off.


He was just starting to fly through the skies when the whistling sound of something small could be heard traveling through the air. Snapping his head toward the source, the Late-stage Soul Emperor watched as a gray streak of light shot for his head!

The joyous expression died away instantaneously from his face. Desperately, he raised his hand to protect his head.


The object pierced through his hand effortlessly. It left the other side of his arm with a sickening sound and grazed past his head, leaving only a small scratch on the surface.

Having one’s arm be pierced wasn’t much of a wound, but for some reason, the man looked extremely pained at the wound. He grimaced as he clutched at his arm and let out a heartwrenching scream of pain!


To him, instead of the flesh being the one to be pierced, it felt as though it was his soul that was affected! The pain was sharp and was double that of if he was hit by a soul attack!

The Soul Destroying Needle!!

Equipment Grade: High Heaven
Elemental Affinity: Darkness
Upgrade Level: +12
Attack: 8280 
Additional Attack: 8000
Soul Compatibility: 40%
Equipment Effect 1: Inflict damage to the target's soul when a blow is landed.
Equipment Effect 2: A portion of the soul of each killed target is converted into attack. Portion converted is dependent on the strength of the killed target.
+10 Additional Effect: Inflict Soul-frayed once damage has been applied. For 10 seconds, spirit-based attacks do 100% more damage. 
+12 Additional Effect: Ignore dark-type defenses.
Upgrade Requirement: 400 Soulpoints

The power of the needle was supreme and dealt damage to the soul even when it was the flesh that was pierced.

While the man writhed in pain, a white ball of light flew toward him and then covered him within it!


Without any resistance from the Late-stage Soul Emperor, the Soul Sealing Mandate was free to activate and complete its actions immediately. The man was left suspended in mid-air without being able to move!

In one short instance, a Mid-stage Soul Emperor was killed and a Late-stage Soul Emperor was captured!

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