Chapter 1312: An Enemy Approaches

A pulse of soulforce traveled down Shangguan Xiongyan’s arm and into the bronze mirror. For a moment, the surface of the mirror showed nothing before the fog cleared away to reveal a murky red whirlpool.

He stared, quizzically, at the mirror for a moment as if trying to intepret its meaning. Several minutes went by before Shangguan Xiongyan gripped the mirror again. Another pulse of soulforce went into the soulforce as he swiped at its surface with his left hand!

A tremble went through the mirror again. This time, the whirlpool paused for half a second before rotating in the opposite direction and revealing something white.

Shangguan Xiongyan studied the sight again for some time before looking off to the right.

“Such a long distance…is this dimension truly that large?” Surprised, Shangguan Xiongyan let out a gasp. “It’s at least proof that Bai Yunfei isn’t with any of the other Saints. The chances of finding Bai Yunfei should be very high!”

“The Frostfeather Saint must be meditating since he’s not moving. His battle with Gu Lianhun must’ve taken a toll on him. I may even be able to kill him if I get there in time, but…” Shangguan Xiongyan’s eyes roamed to another part of the mirror’s surface. It lingered there for a moment before they returned. “This may be my chance since Bai Yunfei is over there, but…I don’t know as much about this place as he does. If I don’t act soon, then Bai Yunfei and Shen Pojun might join together and I’ll lose my chance…”

He had two choices now, both of which made Shangguan Xiongyan feel very hesitant. 

“The Abyssal Snake Saint can deal with the Frostfeather Saint. Bai Yunfei is the more important one! The Core Stone, the Soul Sealing Mandate, the Soul Sentinel Scarf…all of it will be mine if I can kill him! Having those will be worth it if I don’t get the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance!!”

Greed won in the end. Swiping at the bronze mirror again, Shangguan Xiongyan began to manipulate it so that the fogs became redder and redder. Kicking off against the ground, Shangguan Xiongyan transformed into a beam of light to travel away!


Meanwhile, in another part of the tremendous dimension.

Li Chengfeng was soaring through the empty skies with blinding speed toward an unknown direction.

Elsewhere, the Frostfeather Saint hovered motionlessly in the sky. Petals of frost fell everywhere as the Saint recuperated.

Elsewhere, Shen Pojun sat still as tiny embers danced around his meditating form.

Elsewhere, the Abyssal Snake Saint was flying off in a single direction.

Elsewhere, Gu Jimie was frantically scouring the skies in search of something.

Elsewhere, one of the Soul Emperor that had followed Shangguan Xiongyan was also panicking as he searched the skies.


In short, everyone was scattered everywhere. Some were flying farther away than others, but there were also some that were getting closer to one another!


A gray streak of light traversed through the chaotic space.

Within this beam of light was an elder in black. This man was the Soul Emperor that had followed Gu Jimie.

He was looking a little frantic, but his eyes beamed with determination to find something.

“Where is this place!? I’e been searching for half an hour and I haven’t find seen a single change! I can’t even sense anyone else!”

He was muttering to himself, cursing the space around him for the lacking results. He had no idea how large the area was or how far the dimension spanned, meaning all he could do was go for as long as he could until the end. This place was a vast space of nothingness, meaning there was no change in the scenery no matter how far he traveled. He was already starting to think he wasn’t actually moving at all.


He whirled around—he was sensing something to his right!

But his eyes saw nothing. Peering around the area for a moment longer, “Strange…I thought I saw someone just now. Was that just my imagination?”

Nothing out of the ordinary could be seen. Not even after he looked around the area for a while longer. After one last glance around himself, the man decided to turn around and continue flying.

All was well until a certain point. He was in the middle of flying when all of a sudden, the stench of death suddenly erupted from behind and out of thin air!

Shocked, the man immediately exploded with soulforce to get out of the way, but… 


He felt something sharp pierce his chest. His whole body seized up as the cold rushed into his body. Then his vision went dark as his life began to drain away… 

In the last moments of his life, the man saw a dark light escape from between his eyebrows… 

Stuck right there in between his eyebrows was a single gray dagger! And behind the person was someone else!

Jing Mingfeng!!


Jing Mingfeng snorted to himself as he took out the dagger. With the other hand, he took the corpse into his hand to look at more closely.

“Someone from the Soul Refining School…hah!”

He laughed again as he looted the space rings from the corpse, happy at the demise of such a person. 

A Mid-stage Soul Emperor had died so easily at his own hand!!

Jing Mingfeng’s ability to hide could fool even an Early-stage Soul Saint. There was no way a person like the Mid-stage Soul Emperor could possibly sense him. The only reason why the man noticed a sliver of presence earlier was because Jing Mingfeng allowed him to sense it.

And so a Mid-stage Soul Emperor was killed off by Jing Mingfeng without even breaking a sweat. The man didn’t even know he was dead at the time of his demise.

It was actually Jing Mingfeng’s first time killing a Mid-stage Soul Emperor. The latter was actually quite unlucky at how perfectly the attempt went. It was also quite fortunate how Jing Mingfeng managed to hide himself ahead of time.


Jing Mingfeng continued onward in his journey to reconvene with the others. He traveled for some time before suddenly, Jing Mingfeng came to an abrupt stop. His soulforce was pulled back into his body as he rotated and disappeared on the spot!


Hardly ten seconds after Jing Mingfeng’s ‘disappearance’, a streak of black light shot across the sky and landed near the area.

The black light came to a stop, revealing the figure of Gu Jimie!!


Gu Jimie tapped his chin as he surveyed the area. Raising his hand, he summoned a few drops of blood to his hand.

“Someone was here? How did they disappear so quickly then?”

He thought to himself as his soulforce continued to search the area. His range of perception was incredibly strong, but despite being a Saint, he didn’t manage to sense anything.

“Tsk!! This dimension is far too vast…where in the world are the others!?”

An angry curse escaped from Gu Jimie’s mouth. Electing to ignore the mystery of the disappearing people here, Gu Jimie took off into another direction and soon disappeared into the chaos.

Ten minutes later, near where Gu Jimie once stood. 

A part of the space there warped inward for a moment before Jing Mingfeng suddenly appeared from within the warp.

“Phew…that was dangerous! I thought I was dead!!” Jing Mingfeng sighed dramatically as he wiped his non-existent sweat off his brows. “Thank Heaven I’m a fast one! I didn’t think I’d come across a Saint, wonder which one they were…”

A while ago, he realized someone with an incredibly strong amount of aura was approaching him, so Jing Mingfeng decided to hide once again. Just like how Shen Pojun and the others weren’t able to sense him, Gu Jimie was also fooled with how perfectly Jing Mingfeng was able to suppress his presence.

After Jing Mingfeng was confident that he was safe, he took off toward the gathering point once again.

But what he didn’t know, due to him hiding, was that the direction Gu Jimie was going in…was also the same direction he was going!


Somewhere else, Bai Yunfei was riding on top of the Heaven’s Thunder through the skies.

According to the information left by the Saint of Fate, the final ‘door’ wasn’t too far from where Bai Yunfei was. He was happy when he found out and immediately took flight toward that direction.

While it wasn’t ‘far’, the distance still required almost half an hour of travel time before Bai Yunfei reached the place.


But before he could begin his descent, a loud explosion suddenly greeted his ears!

“Someone’s already here?!”

A wave of soulforce slammed into his senses from the north, causing Bai Yunfei to grow alert!

“An enemy!!”

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