Chapter 1309: The Second Crisis!

Thanks to the help of everyone’s combined efforts, Bai Yunfei was able to stop Gu Lianhun from self-destructing just long enough for him to throw out the Soul Sealing Mandate and freeze him in place.

“Xiao Qi! Kill him!!”

But a sealed Gu Lianhun was not a safe Gu Lianhun. The only way Bai Yunfei would relax was when Gu Lianhun was for good.

There wasn’t a point capturing him. They might as well kill him and be done with it. That was the safest choice.

Gu Lianhun was essentially a fish on the chopping block waiting to be dissected. And who else but Xiao Qi would be better fitted to execute the role? This was precious ‘experience’ that couldn’t be wasted!


Xiao Qi replied with a happy chirp and set off toward Gu Lianhun as a blinding beam of light!

Rather than using an elemental attack, Xiao Qi opted to use his claws. Glinting in the light, the claws moved swiftly to grab hold of Gu Lianhun’s head!


There was no way Gu Lianhun could offer up a resistance when he was sealed. Helpless, Gu Lianhun stood there while Xiao Qi’s claws grabbed hold of his head and crushed it!

Red and white matter splattered everywhere as Gu Lianhun’s headless corpse crumpled to the ground. A Mid-stage Soul Saint was now dead.

Gu Lianhun’s death was possibly the most ‘sullen’ death among all of the dead Saints. He never once had the upper hand throughout the battle despite being the strongest one there. Then, after several underhanded tactics, he was brought down by the two Saints and then thrown ‘down the well’ by a group of Soul Kings and Soul Emperors. 


Xiao Qi folded his wings when Gu Lianhun was killed and summoned the space rings from Gu Lianhun to him before returning to Bai Yunfei’s side.

“Haha! Yunfei! I can feel so much power in me! A lot of it! Wow!!”

It was easy to see how excited Xiao Qi was. And for good reason—he just killed a Mid-stage Soul Saint! How often would an opportunity like that come around?

“Yeah, go and meditate in the Core World, let’s see how much stronger you’ll get this time.”

Bai Yunfei nodded. He took the space rings from Xiao Qi before sending the bird into the Core World.

“Thank you for your hard work,” He spoke to those behind him, “please head back into the Core World to recuperate…”

Everyone was feeling extremely excited, especially the Soul Kings. That battle had been far too stimulating on the nerves—they managed to take part in a crucial strike to kill a Saint! Who wouldn’t be excited at such an experience?

But they relented and went back into the Core World, leaving only Li Chengfeng and Jing Mingfeng there.

Shen Pojun and the Frostfeather Saint were coming back by now, the latter having already turned back to his humanoid form.

“Senior Frostfeather, I saw that Gu Lianhun’s space ring had the bones of two soulbeasts. It should be the class nine wildbeast and the Dragon Saint King. Their soulgems are still here, if you’d like them.”

It was with excitement that the Frostfeather Saint nodded. Taking the space ring for himself, he took a look into its contents to confirm for himself before storing it away in his own space ring.

Bai Yunfei was about to present the other space ring to Shen Pojun when the man smiled and shook his head. “You take it, Yunfei. The remnants of the Saint of Fate should be in there, present it to the Fate School.”

“Yes, ancestor.” Bai Yunfei bowed. He didn’t refuse the order.

“Ah…” Shen Pojun sighed, relieved, “Let us head onward then. It is time we head for where the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance is…”

The battle, as short as it was, had been especially fraught with danger. Both Shen Pojun and the Frostfeather Saint had to be on guard the entire time or risk being caught off guard. It was lucky that nothing bad happened and that Gu Lianhun was killed without any complications.

So it went without saying the two were extremely tired right now. Tired, but happy. Their greatest enemy was dead, and the Frostfeather Saint had what he was looking for. Now all they had to do was look for the final ‘gate’ and cross it to obtain the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance.

But no one knew that the future still had something troublesome in store for them… 


Somewhere else, a group of people were flying quickly through the skies down a hallway.

“There! That’s the entrance! Gu Lianhun is beyond that place!”

The Abyssal Snake Saint motioned at the giant palace up ahead.

“Let’s go!!”

Gu Jimie cried out. He exploded forward without hesitation to reach the entrance and blow through it.

Both the Abyssal Snake Saint and Shangguan Xiongyan hesitated, but they didn’t falter. They followed behind Gu Jimie along while the four Soul Emperors struggled to follow behind into the palace.

Everything went blurry for Gu Jimie when he crossed the threshold. He felt himself be thrust into an area of chaos before his vision cleared up. Blinking, Gu Jimie lit up at the sight of something up ahead!

It was still far away, but he could see a ball of prismatic light shining outward!

“Over there!! That’s the Interdimensional Phantasm! They must be fighting in there!”

Crying out in shock, Gu Jimie immediately scrambled to rush forward!

“We’re finally here!”

Gu Jimie was beside himself with excitement. They must’ve arrived in the nick of time! He didn’t really know what the situation was like, but if the Interdimensional Phantasm was here, then the battle should still be ongoing. He just had to wait for it to fade away so he could see Gu Lianhun and Shen Pojun. While he himself wasn’t able to beat Shen Pojun, the other two Saints with him would definitely be able to overpower both Shen Pojun and the Frostfeather Saint if they worked together with him and Gu Lianhun!

“Urgh!! Something’s wrong!!”

Then the pained cry of the Abyssal Snake Saint alerted Gu Jimie of bad news.

Nervous, Gu Jimie swiveled around to where the Abyssal Snake Saint was. The soulbeast’s face was especially pale as if he had just experienced an excruciating amount of pain. The muscles on his face twitched as if shocked while his eyes looked as though they were in shock as well.

Gu Jimie’s heart sunk deep down to his stomach. “Senior Abyssal Snake, what’s wrong?!”

“It…it can’t be!” The Abyssal Snake Saint replied, “Gu Lianhun is…dead!!”


All color bled away from Gu Jimie’s face. “What did you say?! My teacher is…dead!? Impossible!!”

Shangguan Xiongyan was equally shocked, though silent. He clearly didn’t want to believe in the Abyssal Snake Saint’s words.

But the soulbeast stood there, trembling and dripping with perspiration. “Gu Lianhun is dead!” He quavered, “It happened just now!”

“N—no!! There’s no way! It can’t be!!” Wailed Gu Jimie, “How could my teacher be dead! How could he so easily killed by Shen Pojun and the others!?”

He didn’t want to believe it, but he and the others had to. But at that moment… 

“The Phantasm is disappearing! They’re coming out!’

Shangguan Xiongyan’s head snapped up with a start.

The prismatic light from the Interdimensional Phantasm was starting to fade away, revealing several figures such as Shen Pojun and the Frostfeather Saint!

“Gu Lianhun is truly dead!!”

Shangguan Xiongyan cried out. The very first thing he took notice of when the light was gone was the headless corpse that hung in the air. 

While he could believe that Gu Lianhun was dead now, Shangguan Xiongyan still had a hard time trying to figure out how exactly Shen Pojun and the Frostfeather Saint managed to kill a Mid-stage Soul Saint in such a short amount of time!

But then Shangguan Xiongyan’s eyes strangely began to light up with glee!

He didn’t actually care if Gu Lianhun was alive or not. It was actually better for him if the man was dead. What he was happy about was… 

If Shen Pojun and the Frostfeather Saint managed to kill Gu Lianhun, then they were definitely fatigued and most likely injured!

This was the best time to kill them!!

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