Chapter 1293: Abyssal Snake Saint

Deep within the Soulbeast Forest north of the Tianhun Continent.

A place far deeper into the forest than the class seven zone.

This was a place far more particular than any other. Every tree within several hundred kilometers of the area was ash-black in color as if they were ink strokes on a blank canvas instead of being actual trees.

Known as the ‘Abyssal Mountains’ to every soulbeast, this location was not a place where class seven soulbeasts dared to go. Even class eight soulbeasts rarely ventured here.

That was because a class nine soulbeast resided within the Abyssal Mountains.

A soulbeast that could definitely be said to be one of the strongest soulbeasts in the forest.

Today, the normally desolate Abyssal Mountains had two guests. Two soul cultivators. 

Hardly any soul cultivator would ever come to this place; a Soul Emperor wouldn’t even have an easy time reaching this place. But neither soul cultivators walking right now seemed to be having any difficulty. They were strong enough to intimidate any class seven soulbeast or even any class eight soulbeast that might dare to block their path.

They didn’t appear to be here to cause trouble either. As strong as they were, they weren’t doing anything that would attract trouble. From when they entered the forest to now, the two had been very low-profile and hardly made a disturbance.

The only time they stopped was when they reached the centermost part of the Abyssal Mountains. Right in front of a giant jet-black mountain.

Despite the sun being high up in the sky and it being day, both soul cultivators felt as though it was night with how black the mountain was. A dark fog pervaded the area that made the atmosphere feel quite eerie and mysterious.

The fog seemed alive almost with how it encircled and clung to their persons. Walking was especially difficult due to the low-visibility. Even more eerie was how the fog was, for some reason, making a chafing sound across their skin as they walked.

Sunlight wasn’t very prominent within the fog, but the faces of the two elders could still be made out—it was Gu Jimie and Shangguan Xiongyan!

Several days hardly went by since their foiled attempt on the Fate School. What where they doing here?


Shangguan Xiongyan glanced at the jet-black mountain in front of him. “What a grotesque energy…is this where the Abyssal Snake Saint resides?”

“It should be. Our records show that the Abyssal Snake Saint has been living here for two hundred years at least. The state of this mountain should be proof of its residency….our records state that my teacher once met the Abyssal Snake Saint here.”

Shangguan Xiongyan stared vigilantly around themselves, “Are you positive you want to invite the Abyssal Snake Saint? This is the Soulbeast Forest, the two of us may lose our lives if we are caught off guard.”

Gu Jimie hesitated for a brief second. “We must have him come with us!” He clenched his teeth, “He’s the soulbeast partner of my teacher. It’d be disadvantageous for him if Shen Pojun obtains the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance. And I’m sure he’d want to take possession of the class nine soulgems too…”

“...” Shangguan Xiongyan grew silent. “We may as well try if that’s the case. If the Abyssal Snake Saint turns hostile, we’ll have to work together to retreat.”

That being said, Shangguan Xiongyan was already harboring the idea of using Shangguan Xiongyan as a diversion if push came to shove.

Gu Jimie nodded. His eyes reflected the murderous intent in his mind at Shangguan Xiongyan’s words. Despite knowing the meaning, Gu Jimie opted to say nothing about it and turned back to the mountain. Together, the two came out from hiding and announced their presence… 


The atmosphere spiked in intensity in quick response to their presence. As if a mighty beast was starting to wake from its slumber, the mountain began to radiate with a growing energy!

“You fools who have snuck into my domain and disturbed my meditation…explain yourself or prepare to die where you stand!!”

A raspy voice exploded into the eardrums of both soul cultivators, causing the two to tremble and shiver.

Shangguan Xiongyan felt the strong urge to flee the place at once at the sound of the voice, but an exorbitant amount of pressure came out from nowhere to hold him deep in place. Everything within his body was screaming at him to move, that staying here would mean his death, but he couldn’t move. 

Gu Jimie wasn’t faring well either. Having originally been injured, the man was swaying slightly on his feet as blood dripped from the corners of his lips!

“Senior…senior Abyssal Snake! This junior is Gu Jimie, a student of Gu Lianhun! We have come bearing a gift for you, senior!”

It humiliated Gu Jimie to speak in such a way. With such polite words. But he had to. The Abyssal Snake Saint ‘was’ higher than him in hierarchy, even if they were both Saints. Uninjured, Gu Jimie was still quite confident that he’d be no match for the Abyssal Snake Saint.

Not only was the Abyssal Snake Saint a class nine soulbeast from well over two hundred years ago, he was also…the soulbeast partner of his master, Gu Lianhun!

“A gift? Hm…” A pondering tone bled into the guarded voice of the soulbeast. “I will allow it, speak. What ‘gift’ have you brought?”

The black fog around the mountain began to swirl and flow in a certain direction. It cleared up just enough to reveal a small cliff on the mountain. And on the face of this cliff was a corridor that lead deep into the belly of the mountain.

The two gave each other a look and a nod before venturing into the corridor.


Shangguan Xiongyan and Gu Jimie traveled for some time into the corridor before they reached the central point of the mountain. The light levels were far brighter here in this part than the corridor before and allowed the two to find themselves in a giant hall.

Several ‘furniture’ adorned the interior of this hall, but what creeped both Shangguan Xiongyan and Gu Jimie out was that the ‘furniture’ was made using the bones of living beings!

A giant skeletal throne sat at the very center of the hall. It was nearly the size of a large bed and had a black figure sitting lazily on it to watch the two newcomers enter its domain.

The figure had the appearance of a tall and narrow man in his thirties. His robes were as black as ash and his hair reached the top of his shoulders. Both of his eyes had pupils like a serpent and a glare that could freeze anyone in place at a glance.

Not even Gu Jimie was able to find it in himself to move any further when the man’s eyes were on him. He bowed respectfully. “Junior Gu Jimie pays his respects to senior Abyssal Snake.”

Uncertainty played across Shangguan Xiongyan’s eyes. He cupped his hands in a polite greeting, but one that wasn’t as servile as Gu Jimie’s. 

“This one is Shangguan Xiongyan. I pay my respects to the Abyssal Snake Saint.”

The Abyssal Snake Saint rose from his throne to size the two up. “Spare me your drivel and explain your purpose.”

Gu Jimie frowned internally to himself. He had hoped that he’d be allowed to warm up the conversation before he got to the main topic, but it appeared that wasn’t possible right now.

“If senior wishes. Senior Abyssal Snake, we have learned of the location of the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance. We hope that senior would come with us to claim it!”

“Oh? The Supreme Saint’s Inheritance?!” The Abyssal Snake Saint rose to his feet with a wry smile. “What relation is that to me? I have no need for what you soul cultivators covet. Do you think I’d work for something of no use to me?”

“If you were unaware of this, senior, my teacher once went to where the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance was said to be two hundred years ago, but he never returned. Even today, he remains trapped there. Two enemy Saints are heading to the location as we speak, we fear that if they arrive first…”

“Oh? You mean Gu Lianhun?” The soulbeast’s eyes narrowed slightly at the thought. “Trapped for two hundred years, you say? It’s little wonder then why our connection has frayed to such an existent. I had long since thought he was dead somewhere, hmph…”

A cruel smile appeared on his face, “Did you mean that you fear for Gu Lianhun’s life if those two Saints reach him? That I would lend a hand for his sake for fear of my own health?”

Gu Jimie gulped. The tone of Abyssal Snake Saint’s voice was getting a little too hostile for his liking.

The contract between Gu Lianhun and the Abyssal Snake Saint had only been one of ‘mutual benefit’. A deal, for lack of a better word. Gu Lianhun had only been a Peak Late-stage Soul Emperor at the time in search of a way to breakthrough when he found the Abyssal Snake Saint, who had also been a peak late-stage class nine soulbeast (He was not called a Saint at the time, of course). For the sake of ascending, the two of them decided to make a contract and breakthrough together. 

After their ascension, the two split paths, as the Abyssal Snake Saint had absolutely no interest in the dealings of the soul cultivator world.

Gu Jimie once heard Gu Lianhun say before that the Abyssal Snake Saint had a secret method to inhibit the contract. If by chance Gu Lianhun died, the Abyssal Snake Saint would be relatively fine. 

And judging from the Abyssal Snake Saint’s reaction right now, it would appear that it was true.

He wondered if it was true before, but he always chalked it up to being the business of Gu Lianhun and the Abyssal Snake Saint and never inquired about it again. 

“Senior Abyssal Snake…according to our information for our teacher, he came across the corpse of a soulbeast in the Supreme Saint’s pocket dimension. It’s very possible it belongs to the Dragon Saint King! And of the two Saints heading there now, one of them is the Frostfeather Saint! If we work together, senior, we may be able to not only kill the Frostfeather Saint, but also obtain a second class nine soulgem!”


That caught the Abyssal Snake Saint’s attention. “Are you saying the Dragon Saint King died in that pocket dimension?! And the Frostfeather Saint is heading there now?!”

Gu Jimie heaved a sigh of relief at the soulbeast’s reaction. “Yes! My teacher managed to send us that information himself. We managed to force some information about the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance and learned of the Frostfeather Saint’s involvement not too long ago as well! It’s very possible they know about the Dragon Saint King and are heading there for it!”

“Oh? Not too long ago? You forced the information, you say?” The Abyssal Snake Saint narrowed his eyes, “It would appear…you were on the losing end, where you not?”

Gu Jimie’s face darkened. “That Shen Pojun only just ascended, but he and the other crafters all had powerful soul armaments. I was caught unaware and…”

“A defeat is a defeat. I care not for your details.” The snake interjected, “But if you lost, how did you learn of where the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance is? And what benefit is there to come to me?”

Shangguan Xiongyan chose that moment to speak, “Please rest assured, Abyssal Snake Saint. We might now know where exactly the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance is, but we’ll have a person to guide us there shortly…”

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