Chapter 1292: Everyone's Going

“Would it be possible, young child, to share the details of the pocket dimension’s interior?” The Frostfeather Saint suddenly spoke up.

“Hm?” Blinking, Li Chengfeng looked first to Ge Yiyun for confirmation. When he received one, he turned back to face the Frostfeather Saint with a polite bow. “Yes, of course. This junior will prepare a jade slip for senior Frostfeather to peruse at once.”

The Frostfeather Saint nodded and glanced to Shen Pojun. “You must be as unwilling to give up this chance as I am. Why not travel together if you are interested?”

The Frostfeather Saint was already adamant on heading to the pocket dimension to retrieve the remains of the Dragon Saint King. His goal wasn’t the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance, but the Dragon Saint King himself.

Even dead, the Dragon Saint King held a great amount of importance to those of the soulbeasts. It was also possible that the Dragon Saint King might’ve left behind an inheritance for his clan. Though the Frostfeather Saint wasn’t of the dragon clan, he was still a soulbeast. It was his duty and mission to retrieve and return the remains of the Dragon Saint King to a proper burial ground.

But that didn’t mean to say the Frostfeather Saint was without a ‘selfish’ goal. If he was the one to return the Dragon Saint King, then he’d be the one to reap the ‘rewards’ as well, such as the soulgem of the Dragon Saint King. Needless to say, the soulgem of a mid-stage class nine soulbeast was an extremely valuable item and would most definitely benefit him. It was also possible that the soulgem of the mid-stage class nine wildbeast killed by the Saint of Fate would also be there.

Soulgems belonging to a class nine soulbeast were something soul cultivators couldn’t use to cultivate. In other words, it was extremely possible that there are at least two class nine soulgems there in the pocket dimension!!

The enticement of such a prospect was about as attractive as the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance was to Shen Pojun. The two of them had to go to the pocket dimension.


Shen Pojun’s eyes lit up at the suggestion. “Traveling with such a person as yourself is exactly what I desired!” He laughed.

He knew the Frostfeather Saint’s goal, it wasn’t for the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance, but the class nine soulgems. If their goals didn’t conflict with one another, what reason did they have to help each other?

As excited as he was, though, Shen Pojun was still able to keep his greed from completely overtaking him. “Headmaster Ge, do you wish to come with us as well?”

He had no plan to monopolize the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance. All those who Inherited once before came across it by Fate. Or in other words, they were chosen. Obtaining the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance by Fate was not the same as obtaining it through strength. Otherwise, the second Inheritor would have never been able to receive the Inheritance. 

There was a story regarding such a situation, however. A Mid-stage Soul Saint had once managed to wrestle possession of the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance away from another, but was unable to Inherit. When he tried to force the Inheritance, a strange energy rejected and blew the Saint apart. After that, the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance placed itself into the hands of the Soul King. 

All the information they had about the pocket dimension and the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance came from Ge Yiyun and his Fate School. Shen Pojun had absolutely no objection with Ge Yiyun coming along.

But Ge Yiyun shook his head. He gave Shen Pojun a calm smile after a moment to think. “I cannot. My body is far too frail to stand the fate ahead of me if I go. But if it is possible…I do hope that my student Chengfeng will be considered for your journey. If he cannot Inherit, then I hope he will at least gain some benefit from within the pocket dimension…”


Li Chengfeng started when his name was mentioned. The look on his face developed into one of deep shock when he finished listening to Ge Yiyun. “Teacher, are…are you saying I can go?! I…”

The flustered state of Li Chengfeng amused Ge Yiyun, “Chengfeng, do not undervalue yourself. You too are a man chosen by Fate. I am confident in your abilities…You will be safe with two Saints to protect you, moreover…”

His gaze shifted to look at Bai Yunfei, “if Bai Yunfei goes with you, your safety will be guaranteed.”

“Me?” It was Bai Yunfei’s turn to blink. “Senior Ge, what do you mean by that?”

“Bai Yunfei. In my entire life, you are one I feel has been blessed by Fate most. The Supreme Saint’s Inheritance is an extremely rare opportunity for you, I presume your headmaster already had plans to bring you there. And if you remember…you have the Core Stone, correct? As long as you have that Regalia, you’ll have a way to leave the pocket dimension. It is imperative you go then.”

“The Core Stone? A way to leave the pocket dimension?”

It took Bai Yunfei two seconds to realize what Ge Yiyun had meant. “Oh!” He snapped his fingers. 

“Senior Ge is right! I do have a way! We can use the Core Stone to travel through space if something does go wrong!!”

The pocket dimension was protected by a barrier that prevented even the Saint of Fate from escaping. Any other person would definitely fall short and be trapped and die there if they didn’t receive the Inheritance. And that would be an awful death.

But the Core Stone was a different story. There wasn’t a need to worry about being trapped anymore! It had the ability to displace and replace its owner in a different dimension if needed be, meaning it could help them escape the pocket dimension! That was how Bai Yunfei was able to escape the Lost Swamp!

Dimension hopping wasn’t something a Saint could do. They’d most likely die if attempted. But the Core Stone was definitely capable of it.

The last time the Core Stone attempted such a feat, it ended up expending most of its energy and falling into a dormant state. Not only did upgrading the Core Stone wake it up, but it also strengthened its power so that it wouldn’t be left in the same state if it were to try it again.

Bai Yunfei never thought about it before, that was why he was concerned about Shen Pojun going into the pocket dimension. But now that Ge Yiyun was so kind to remind him, Bai Yunfei was happily looking forward to going to the pocket dimension.

And he wouldn’t be alone. The entire Crafting School was still in the Core World. Everyone in the school could go with them!!

—Didn’t the legends talk about the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance ‘choosing’ its inheritor? If that was the case, then the entire Crafting School might as well come along and see if they were that ‘inheritor’!

And so, one of the biggest problems was solved just like that by the Core Stone.

The Frostfeather Saint didn’t understand at first, but he was absolutely overjoyed when it was explained to him.

They didn’t have to worry about bringing too many people and their traveling speed if the Core Stone could handle all of that. An entire school being mobilized to find the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance—it was an unprecedented ‘saga’ that would’ve been impossible if not for Bai Yunfei.


“If that’s the case, will the Fate School come with us, senior Ge?”

Bai Yunfei suggested.

He wasn’t asking for Ge Yiyun, but the ‘entire’ Fate School.

“Are you saying…”

Bai Yunfei nodded. “The world knows where the Fate School is now, it’ll be impossible to predict if Shangguan Xiongyan or Gu Jimie will come back for vengeance or not. Seeing that this place is no longer safe, your school might as well travel in the Core World like the Crafting School is for now until a new place can be found.”

“Hah!” Ge Yiyun barked with laughter, “Very well then! I will leave it to you then!”

Having one’s school being exposed like this was indeed a great danger to their safety. Their enemies might’ve retreated for now, but the same couldn’t be said for the next time. Ge Yiyun already had ‘plans’ to move the school’s location before this, but that would take an exorbitant amount of time. But the relocation of the school could easily be solved with the Core Stone.


Discussions were made shortly after and a plan was made. In three days…they would all head for Dragon’s Ascent Mountain!

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