Chapter 1291: The Location of the Inheritance

“Hidden Dragon Valley?!”

Shen Pojun, the Frostfeather Saint, and Ge Yiyun all cried out at the same time.

Only Bai Yunfei was confused. “Ancestor, what area is this Hidden Dragon Valley? Is it dangerous?”

“Dangerous doesn’t begin to describe such a place. The Hidden Dragon Valley is the deepest part of the Dragon’s Ascent Mountain and is essentially its end point. No person has yet to reach the lands beyond that. I believe two Saints once attempted to investigate the Hidden Dragon Valley and instead met their demise there…what a surprise that the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance would be there of all places…”

The Frostfeather Saint nodded, grim-faced. “It is truly surprising to see the previous Supreme Saint leave his inheritance there…According to our records, the Dragon’s Ascent Mountain has a class nine wildbeast living there, one of legends from over three thousand years ago…I would estimate its strength to be a mid-stage class nine soulbeast if it is still alive? Venturing there will be quite the problem…”

“What?! A mid-stage class nine wildbeast exists in the Hidden Dragon Valley?!”

Shen Pojun forced back a bitter smile as the others gasped in surprise. “In other words, it should be expected that the two Saints were killed by this class nine wildbeast? I’m afraid as long as that wildbeast exists, it’ll be very difficult for us to reached the Inheritance…”

Li Chengfeng chose that moment to speak up. 

“Seniors…there isn’t a need to worry about the class nine wildbeast. According to the information left behind by the Saint of Fate…he came across and slew the mid-stage class nine wildbeast when he entered the Hidden Dragon Valley…”


This time, all three Saints voiced their surprise. “The Saint of Fate managed to kill the mid-stage class nine wildbeast?! This is…this is quite the pleasant surprise. It seems we won’t need to worry about it then.” Nodded Shen Pojun.

“Chengfeng, please describe the rest of the information.” Ge Yiyun asked.

“Yes, teacher.” Li Chengfeng bowed. 

“Six hundred years ago, the Saint of Fate came across information of the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance’s whereabouts. After his investigations, he entered the Dragon’s Ascent Mountain and then the Hidden Dragon Valley…”


It was when Li Chengfeng was finished speaking that the others learned of the bitter fate that befell the Saint of Fate.

The Saint of Fate came across a pocket dimension within the Hidden Dragon Valley, one that coincidentally belonged to the previous Supreme Saint. However, the pocket dimension was protected by a mid-stage class nine wildbeast. Being a Mid-stage Soul Saint at the time, the Saint of Fate managed to kill the wildbeast after an especially rough amount of time and entered the pocket dimension.

What the Saint of Fate failed to expect was that the pocket dimension was fraught with danger. All sorts of powerful barriers, arrays, and other traps were left behind by the Supreme Saint to prevent anyone else from entering the pocket dimension. Perhaps it was a ‘trial’ for those wishing to obtain his inheritance, but in short the Saint of Fate took nearly a hundred years before coming to the very last challenge.

He could clearly see behind the final obstruction the heart of the pocket dimension. There laid the remains of the Supreme Saint and his inheritance!

But…the Saint of Fate never managed to make it beyond the final barrier!

Trying as hard as he might for over a hundred years, the Saint of Fate realized he was unable to open that final ‘door’!

It was with a heavy heart that the Saint of Fate decided to leave the pocket dimension. But before he could, he had unknowingly activated a trap that prevented him from leaving!

Disheartened by his failure to obtain the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance and the inability to leave this pocket dimension, the Saint of Fate decided to close himself off. By going into meditation, the Saint of Fate hoped that he’d be able to eventually become a Late-stage Soul Saint and attempt to open the final ‘door’ or leave this pocket dimension.

Unfortunately for him, the Saint of Fate was nearing the end of his natural lifespan. Two hundred years had been ‘wasted’ getting this far, meaning the Saint of Fate eventually died of old age as he tried to become a Late-stage Soul Saint.

The Runes of Fate he had on his person was unable to return to the Fate School even though he was dead. The pocket dimension was somehow preventing it from returning. 

Eventually, something happened within the pocket dimension and allowed for the Rune to finally return.

What Li Chengfeng and the others didn’t know was that the reason behind the Rune’s return was due to Gu Lianhun. When his avatar died, the trapped man somehow managed to tear open a fissure in space and open a path the Rune of Fate took advantage of to slip out from the pocket dimension.

But there was also something else recorded on the Rune! The Saint of Fate had actually come across the Dragon Saint King during his travels!!

It was when the Saint of Fate entered the pocket dimension. He noticed that one of the arrays had managed to capture the Dragon Saint King. For several hundred years, it appeared. Unfortunately, not even the Dragon Saint King was able to overcome the passage of time and passed away shortly after the Saint of Fate entered.

The Dragon Saint King hadn’t actually been in the pocket dimension for the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance. A thousand years ago, he had actually been there at Dragon’s Ascent Mountain to search for the soulgems of the stronger wildbeasts or possibly more natural resources. In his search for more power and the possibility of reaching a higher realm, the Dragon Saint King came across a class nine wildbeast. The two fought a dreadful battle, and in the middle of it, the Dragon Saint King managed to stumble across the pocket dimension and fall inside.

A battle between Saints was an extremely terrifying one and caused plenty of damage to the Dragon Saint King. Recuperating as he explored the pocket dimension, he eventually became stuck in it and spent the rest of his time meditating. A few hundred years later and the Saint of Fate came. The two talked briefly before the Dragon Saint King expired due to natural causes.

It was actually because of the Dragon Saint King that the Saint of Fate was able to kill the class nine wildbeast outside the pocket dimension. Its battle with the Dragon Saint King had yet to heal even after several hundred years and was thus an easier opponent for the Saint of Fate to deal with.


No one was able to say a word after Li Chengfeng finished. The most shocked one was Shen Pojun, though his eyes reflected a pondering light.

“The location of the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance is in a place several times more dangerous than its last reported spot.” He muttered, “Not only is the Dragon’s Ascent Mountain a dangerous place already, but navigating that pocket dimension will most definitely be an arduous journey…”

In the past, the locations of the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance had all been in relatively ‘secular’ places, rather than being in one of the Three Danger Zones. It was because of this that the world of soul cultivators would always be in an uproar whenever it reappeared. Countless soul cultivators would fight to the death in their search for the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance,  even the ones with hardly any power or strength.

Of the three people to Inherit, it was the second that was the most loved by Fate. He was able to obtain the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance amongst the Soul Emperors and Saints despite being a Soul King.

But this time was different. Perhaps the next Inheritor decided to prevent such a case from happening again. Even if people knew that the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance was in the Dragon’s Ascent Mountain, no Soul King would ever be able to enter this place, lest they want their bones to be buried there.

Not even a Soul Emperor, without any powerful methods, would be able to enter the Hidden Dragon Valley, let alone the pocket dimension containing the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance.

But that wasn’t the important part. Entering the pocket dimension was one hurdle, bypassing all the barriers was the other! Not even the Saint of Fate had managed to accomplish that! What could an ordinary Soul Emperor or even a Saint manage to do what the Saint of Fate could not?!

Fortunately, Shen Pojun and the others had an extremely powerful advantage on their side…the information left behind by the Saint of Fate!

It was like they were playing an especially difficult game. If they went in blind and without a plan, then they would without a doubt fail. But if they were to consult with the information left behind by the Saint of Fate, it may be possible to bypass all the previous barriers without expending their own time and energy!

A spark lit up in Shen Pojun’s eyes at the thought… 

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