Chapter 1290: +12 Heart Compass (End of Book Ten)


It took a while for Bai Yunfei to pick his mouth up from the ground. The information he had just heard was far too overwhelming to digest properly.

He wasn’t surprised about inheritances, as rare as they are. But an inheritance that could leave behind the entirety of the owner? That was something else.

Having the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance meant it was guaranteed to become a Peak Late-stage Soul Saint! What was the point of training if one could simply inherit such power?!

In the case of Chu Yintian, for example, he spent dozens of years desperately trying to become a Saint. Others who reached Sainthood were often doomed to stay at the Early-stage level. Even less of those Saints would become a Mid-stage Soul Saint. Becoming a Late-stage Soul Saint was something short of a pipe dream. 

But becoming a Peak Late-stage Soul Saint? That was nothing short of a legend.

No wonder Shen Pojun was so excited then. No wonder Shangguan Xiongyan and Gu Jimie were so decisive on attacking the Fate School. It was no wonder the Frostfeather Saint would come help them then… 

But wait…something wasn’t right!

A sudden thought occurred to Bai Yunfei then. “Senior Frostfeather,” He asked, “would…the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance be of any help to you?”

The training methods of a soul cultivator and a soulbeast were different. If the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance was the inheritance of a soul cultivator, what good was it for a soulbeast?

“I am afraid not. But all paths lead to the same destination, and the closer the path is to the destination, the more similar they become. Though I am unable to Inherit, there may be a few things I am still able to gleam…However, I have a secondary goal. According to Zhi Tian’s predictions, the Dragon Saint King’s disappearance may be related to the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance. Zhi Tian mentioned before that the Dragon Saint King, or his remains, may be trapped where the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance is. I must find out the truth, regardless of his situation. It is of great importance that I either free him or bring back his remains…”

“The Dragon Saint King!?”

Bai Yunfei was shocked to hear the name. He remembered hearing of the soulbeast once before from the Blue-eyes White Dragon King about how the Dragon Saint King was once the strongest class nine soulbeast in the dragon clan before he disappeared over a thousand years ago. Could his disappearance actually be tied to the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance? But the last time the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance appeared was over a thousand years ago, would he have died in five hundred years then? Was there some kind of mystery behind this?

“Could the disappearance of the Dragon Saint King be related to the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance?” Shen Pojun guessed. “It has to be if he disappeared without warning…I wonder what kind of place the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance is located in…”

The Dragon Saint King was a soulbeast that took the continent by storm two-thousand years ago. He was a man of importance and even a friend to Wu Tianhun during the Unification Wars. During that time, the Dragon Saint King was only an early-stage class nine soulbeast, but he was a mid-stage class nine soulbeast at the time when he disappeared. A being of such power and status as him simply wouldn’t disappear without a trace—unless the location of the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance was super dangerous!

As dangerous as the Dragon’s Ascent Mountain was, it wasn’t so bad that even a Saint could be intimidated. Perhaps there was a mysterious part of this mountain that contained a secret. No one knew since no one ever came back after traversing too deep into the mountain… 

It filled Shen Pojun’s heart with a layer of frost to hear that the Dragon Saint King and the Saint of Fate’s disappearances were most likely tied to the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance. Truthfully speaking, he was slightly deterred from searching after it now.

“Regardless, we must first see what Runes the Saint of Fate left behind has to offer. It remains to be seen if we will be able to succeed where our forebearers did not. Perhaps our individual fate may guide us on the right path.”

“That is true.” Shen Pojun nodded. “It’s possible we may be able to think of a better plan if we see what the Saint of Fate has left behind.”

“Then please follow me to the back mountains. Please wait for my student Chengfeng to decipher the runes before we do anything else.” Ge Yiyun rose to his feet.

The back mountains were forbidden for most people to enter, meaning many of the soul cultivators there stayed behind in the halls. Only Ge Yiyun, the Frostfeather Saint, Shen Pojun, Li Chengfeng, and Bai Yunfei were allowed to go.

The Heart Compass within Li Chengfeng was needed in order to decipher the Runes of Fate, so Li Chengfeng was given permission to go. Bai Yunfei was allowed to go since he needed to upgrade the Heart Compass to +12. It was possible that upgrading it would help them decipher the Runes.


Bai Yunfei had to suppress a gasp of surprise when he saw the giant wheel in front of him. He had half a mind to walk up and touch its surface and see whether or not it was a powerful soul armament.

He and the others had to step back when Li Chengfeng walked forward to retrieve the Heart Compass. He stood in front of the giant wheel and touched his right hand to its edge while his left was placed on top of his chest. Closing both eyes, Li Chengfeng’s body began to pulse with a strange flow of soulforce… 


Then, as if a jolt of electricity suddenly shot through it, the wheel began to hum and shine with a faint light. It was resonating with the waves of soulforce coming off from Li Chengfeng and giving off a strong shine of light as well.

Eventually, the intensity of the light was far too bright for the wheel to be stared at directly. Bai Yunfei noted when the light was gone that there was now something golden held in Li Chengfeng’s hand. It was the Heart Compass.

All eyes were on Bai Yunfei when the Heart Compass was passed into Bai Yunfei’s hands. “Are you sure you can upgrade it to +12, Yunfei? You can’t make a mistake!” Li Chengfeng asked.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t confident in Bai Yunfei, but that his concern for the Heart Compass was just far too great.

“Relax, I won’t mess up.”

Smiling, Bai Yunfei nodded to everyone first before sucking in a deep breath and emptying his mind. “Upgrade.”


Upgrade Successful
Unique Equipment
Equipment Grade: High Heaven
Elemental Affinity: Metal
Upgrade Level: +12
Defense: 8000
Additional Defense: 8200
Soul Compatibility: 25%
Equipment Effect 1: 15% Chance to predict a future event when synchronized.
Details of the event will be randomly given.
Equipment Effect 2: Increases chances of success when predicting when utilizing the energy of the soul.
Cannot exceed 10%
+10 Additional Effect: 10% Chance to gain a glimpse of the future when failing to predict an event.
+12 Additional Effect: Exchange all remaining soulforce to guarantee the prediction of a certain event. Details will be given randomly and the same event cannot be predicted multiple times.
Cooldown of 24 hours.
Upgrade Requirement: 400 Soulpoints

Bai Yunfei was stunned slightly at the result of his upgrading.

“It…worked?” He raised the Heart Compass to eye level so he could inspect it. “Well, that’s a rare sight…my luck is pretty good today, it seems.”

“Did…did you succeed?”

The hesitation in Li Chengfeng’s words snapped Bai Yunfei awake. “Ah, yes. I did. This +12 additional effect isn’t half-bad either, it’s…”

Both Shen Pojun and Li Chengfeng took the news of the +12 additional effect pretty well, but Ge Yiyun didn’t. He had a gobsmacked expression on his face. Even the Frostfeather Saint was giving Bai Yunfei an odd look.

“This…is what an ‘upgrade’ is?! The ability to confer the ability to successfully predict something?! It’s…”

Though Li Chengfeng had once explained before what Bai Yunfei’s ‘Upgrade Technique’ was, Ge Yiyun still found it hard to believe his eyes. How Bai Yunfei was able to ‘fiddle around’ with the Heart Compass and grant their treasured relic a new ability was simply mindblowing.


It took a while for Ge Yiyun to calm his beating heart, “Chengfeng, take the Heart Compass and decipher the Runes of Fate, if you please.”

“Yes, teacher!” Li Chengfeng bowed.

He strode back toward the wheel under the attentive eyes of everyone else. Waving his right hand, Li Chengfeng had the Heart Compass floated up to the center of the wheel and lodged neatly in the indent on its surface. It clicked into place with a golden light before beginning to hum.


The wheel began to tremble once again, but this time out of apparent joy as if something lost to it was now finally returned.

Li Chengfeng sat down on the ground, his legs crossed over one another and his hands a blur as they made several handseals a minute. His soulforce was starting to pick up in speed as they circulated within himself.

Bai Yunfei could see that all sorts of runes on the surface of the wheel were starting to light up. Several runes detached themselves from the surface of the wheel to fly out around Li Chengfeng like butterflies to dance around him.

Slowly, the runes turned into balls of light that in turn bathed Li Chengfeng brightly under a fantastical light.


A half hour passed before the humming of the wheel could be heard no more. The light from its surface was gone, leaving the wheel in a dormant state like before.

Li Chengfeng ‘woke’ from his meditation a while after that. His eyes blinked several times in rapid succession as if he was processing a tremendous load of information at once.

“Chengfeng, how was it? Please describe it.” Ge Yiyun asked when Li Chengfeng stood up.

“Yes, teacher.” Li Chengfeng replied. “The Saint of Fate’s Rune did indeed leave behind information regarding the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance.”

“So it’s true?!”

Shen Pojun began to grow even more excited upon hearing Li Chengfeng’s confirmation. “Then the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance is indeed located somewhere on the Dragon Ascent’s Mountain, correct?”

Li Chengfeng nodded. “Yes, it is indeed there. As for its exact location…it’s deep within the ‘Hidden Dragon Valley’!”


End of Book Ten


The next Book shall be my last one. It pains me to say it, but I find myself at a crossroad. My body is ready to write, but my mind is not. The last book is always the hardest book for any author to write, as we must try to write the perfect ending. I will definitely try my best to make a satisfying conclusion that’ll make every reader happy. I also hope that everyone will support me as I embark on this journey for the next month or so. Please, watch and accompany Yunfei in the last dangerous journey of his story!

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