Chapter 1289: The Supreme Saint's Inheritance

The words spoken by Bai Yunfei had an effect on Shen Pojun. Flummoxed, the man fell back down on his chair. Rather than answer Bai Yunfei’s question, he looked to Ge Yiyun. “Headmaster Ge, is what the Frostfeather Saint said true?”

There was a faraway look in Ge Yiyun’s eyes when the Frostfeather Saint spoke, but Shen Pojun’s words brought him back to the present. He nodded his head, relieved. “Senior Frostfeather is correct. The reason behind the attack is most likely due to the ‘Supreme Saint’s Inheritance’...”

“So it’s true!?”

Both the Shen Pojun and Frostfeather Saint looked pleasantly surprised.

“Then…does your school know of its whereabouts?!” Shen Pojun pressed.

“We…can’t be sure currently.”

“Can’t be sure? What do you mean by this, Headmaster Ge?”

“If I may be honest, the Runes of Fate of one of our senior members was returned to us prior to the attack.” Ge Yiyun sighed, “He has been searching for the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance for several hundred years now, meaning it would be prudent to assume his Rune may contain information regarding the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance. But to decipher his Rune would require the Heart Compass which was left with my student, Chengfeng. With him and the Heart Compass gone, I was unable to see what the Rune of Fate contained.”

“A senior member…could he be…the one known as the ‘Saint of Fate’ from six hundred years ago?!” Asked Shen Pojun.

“You are correct. The one known as the strongest member the Fate School has ever known.”

The Saint of Fate. A man of extraordinary fame from over six hundred ago and one of the strongest Saints of his time. His one public appearance was when he made a prediction to the ruler of the empire. In his words, the Saint of Fate said that a calamitous event would happen in one of the eastern provinces and that many lives would be lost.

A prediction from a Saint was certainly not something to be ignored. Upon hearing his prediction, the ruler mobilized his forces at once to the province and managed to save the lives of countless commoners.

News of his prediction became known to everyone on the continent and the Saint of Fate became a man praised by everyone.

The Saint of Fate never appeared again after that. Many supposed that because of his intervention in Fate, he was punished by the Heavens and removed from the mortal realm. Only a few soul cultivators knew the truth, that he was instead in search of the legendary Supreme Saint’s Inheritance.

Not many knew of it, but those who did made sure to make note of it within their own records for their schools or families to heed. Shen Pojun was one of those few in the know.

And so he was confident (and excited) that the Runes of Fate belonging to the Saint of Fate had to contain information on the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance. 

His excitement to learn of its whereabouts was unsuccessfully hidden from Ge Yiyun. “Senior Shen, senior Frostfeather,” he smiled, “without your assistance, my school would have been wiped from the face of this continent. I would be more than willing to share the information if it is contained in the Runes.”

“Truly?!” Shen Pojun smiled, “I give you my utmost thanks, Headmaster Ge!” He cupped his hands in gratitude.

It puzzled Bai Yunfei greatly to see someone as mighty as a Saint be so overwhelmed by his emotions like Shen Pojun was right now. 

“Ancestor, senior Ge, what is this ‘Supreme Saint’s Inheritance’ exactly?”

Both Bai Yunfei and Li Chengfeng were equally curious about the topic matter, both their faces even causing Ge Yiyun to smile. “Let me explain it to you then. This ‘Supreme Saint’s Inheritance’ is something of a legend from the anciest past of our world…”

And so he began to speak. His words captured the attentions of both Bai Yunfei and Li Chengfeng as he explained the story behind the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance. Dutifully, the two listened with spellbound attentiveness… 


The Supreme Saint’s Inheritance. An existence of extreme uniqueness in the world of soul cultivators.

It was an eponym for the ‘inheritance’ of a certain soul cultivator. An ‘inheritance’ that was beyond uniqueness, one that simply couldn’t be defined as an ‘inheritance of a particularly strong soul cultivator’. This was an inheritance that guaranteed the highest of heights for anyone who possessed it!

An inheritance of a ‘Supreme Saint’, a Saint who managed to reach the pinnacle of power!

In every legend, a ‘Supreme Saint’ was one that managed to reach the Peak Late-stage Soul Saint level!

What kind of height was that, one might wonder.

Let us then talk about the current state of affairs in this current generation of soul cultivators. Including the newly-ascended Saints such as Shen Pojun and Gu Jimie, there shouldn’t be more than ten known Saints on the continent. The majority of these ten would be Early-stage Soul Saints while a minority would be Mid-stage Soul Saints. As for Late-stage Soul Saints…there were none known! None in this generation!

In other words, to be in possession of the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance would be the same as being the strongest in the continent!

The Supreme Saint’s Inheritance was something created by such an individual from the ancient past. Though that person was the strongest in the world, they were not a god. There was still one final opponent they couldn’t defeat, and that opponent was time. From what was born into the world must eventually depart it and return to the wheel of reincarnation. And so, before their time ran out, the Supreme Saint made use of a long-lost technique to confine all their power and knowledge for someone else to inherit!

Anyone that could grab hold of this inheritance would not only learn their skills, but also their power!

That didn’t mean someone like a Soul Apprentice could use it to become a Saint, of course. One still had to ruminate on the knowledge, reflect upon its teachings, refine their understanding, and temper their knowledge in order to comprehend the entirety of it all to become a Supreme Saint!

Thus, the eponym Supreme Saint’s Inheritance was born.

The comprehensive records of the continent mentioned only a few figures in the single digits being fortunate enough to be in possession of the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance. 

Only three managed to Inherit it.

The first occurred five thousand years ago. A Mid-stage Soul Saint managed to Inherit after a hundred years and became a Peak Late-stage Soul Saint. He ruled for several hundred years before eventually dying and leaving behind another Supreme Saint’s Inheritance. 

The next happened two thousand years after that. An Early-stage Soul Saint. Like the one before, he too, seized control of the world after becoming a Supreme Saint two hundred years after.

The third and last person was a Soul King just a thousand and a half years ago. It took the man dozens of years to become a Saint and then a hundred-and-then-some years to Inherit and become a Supreme Saint. But unlike the others, this third one vanished after becoming Inherited and was lost to the world. No one even knew if the person was alive or not.

But that wasn’t the last time the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance was brought up. Six hundred years ago, news of the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance appearing caused a storm across the continent, a storm that caught the attention of even the Saint of Fate. 

Ultimately, none managed to take possession of the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance, despite many individuals combing the continent for its whereabouts. None knew where it was.

Their only clue was that the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance was located in one of the Three Danger Zones on the continent, the Dragon’s Ascent Mountain. But its exact location was never found.

Many traveled to the mountain ranges. Few returned empty-handed while many others didn’t even return… 


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