Chapter 1288: The Return

Once before, Bai Yunfei managed to vanquish Nether’s avatar. Today, Bai Yunfei was about to do the same thing to Nether’s main body without even breaking a sweat… 

It was a prediction no one would’ve been able to predict.

At least, Nether didn’t expect that his life would end in such a way.


Something in between a cough and a groan escaped from Nether’s lips. He was glaring at Bai Yunfei, his blood leaking from the hole in his chest. His left hand reached out for Bai Yunfei, but his body was already giving up the fight. The stench of death was already overwhelming every other scent coming from his body.

In the end, Nether was powerless to resist the beckoning call of death. The light in his eyes dimmed and his body collapsed like a puppet without strings.

The scourge of the soul cultivator world, an individual of ‘legendary’ power, was now dead by Bai Yunfei’s hand.

Against the dying of the light, Nether didn’t even manage to offer up a ‘final battle’ of great intensity.


Red light exploded from the Fire-tipped Spear as fire lit up around Nether’s body. The flames roared to life as it fed on his corpse and quickly turned it into ash.

The Fire-tipped Spear was stored back into the space ring so Bai Yunfei could watch the rest of the ashes fall to the ground with a wistful expression.

He wasn’t particularly surprised to have killed Nether so easily. Using the Soul Anchor Technique to stop Nether had been particularly effective, and using the +13 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear was especially instrumental in securing the kill.


The shrill cry of Xiao Qi alerted Bai Yunfei to the other battle. Watching Xiao Qi flash with four different types of energy. Almost like a divine bird, Xiao Qi was filled with a brilliant aura and energy as he dove toward a squall of dark-green light.


A shrill cry erupted from within the squall a moment after Xiao Qi disappeared in it.

“It’s over.”

Bai Yunfei smiled. Xiao Qi killing the elder was also within expectations, though it was done slightly faster than he thought.

The elder might’ve been a Late-stage Soul Emperor, but he was injured. Xiao Qi was a mid-stage class eight soulbeast and further aided by the Interdimensional Phantasm inhibiting the elder. There was no way for the elder to win.

The battle was over. In no time almost, a Late-stage Soul Emperor and a Mid-stage Soul Emperor had been killed by Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi’s hands.


Now that it was over, Bai Yunfei stored away the Interdimensional Phantasm and incinerated Mo Ni’s body so they could return to the Fate School.

All was calm on the way back. Without an enemy there, the real Fate School was in visible sight now.

“Yunfei! You’re finally back! What took you so long, did you find something?”

A beam of light shot out from the direction of a mountain to come to a stop in front of Bai Yunfei. It was Li Chengfeng.

“Ah yeah, something unexpected indeed. I’ll tell you later, but it’s dealt with.” Bai Yunfei nodded. “Chengfeng, have any of our own come back yet? What’re the results?”

“Yes, everyone’s back already…”

Under Li Chengfeng’s guidance, Bai Yunfei was lead into the Fate School to where everyone else was to tell his story.

The majority of their enemies had escaped after the battle was over. The Frostfeather Saint came back an hour after without having killed Shangguan Xiongyan. Shen Pojun returned shortly after him, though he, unfortunately, didn’t manage to kill Gu Jimie. The man had used some kind of technique to briefly power himself up just enough to escape from Shen Pojun’s range.

But it wasn’t all bad news. With Zhang Zhenshan, Nether, the white-haired elder, and Mo Ni (who was killed by Zhang Zhenshan), only three of the enemy forces had managed to escape. Excluding Shangguan Xiongyan and Gu Jimie, a Late-stage Soul Emperor from the Tianhun School also managed to escape.

No one from the Fate School died, fortunately. Ge Yiyun was the only one heavily injured. No one from the Crafting School was even noticeably harmed.

All in all, this battle had been a great success for them.


Bai Yunfei followed Li Chengfeng into the great hall of the Fate School. Upon walking into its halls, Bai Yunfei noted that he had the eyes of everyone on him.

The Soul Emperors of both the Fate and the Crafting Schools were assembled there already. Three seats were left at the very front of the hall, two of which were occupied by the Frostfeather Saint and Shen Pojun.

Bai Yunfei bowed upon him getting close to the two. “Ancestor, senior Frostfeather.”

The Frostfeather Saint nodded, pleased. “It has been a while. You’ve become a Late-stage Soul Emperor already? How admirable…”

“What happened, Yunfei? How is Ge Yiyun?”

“Senior Ge Yiyun is fine, your student will bring him out at once.”

Nearly three hours had passed since Ge Yiyun was first left in the Core World. He was, for the most part, stabilized already. Upon Bai Yunfei’s will, Ge Yiyun was taken out from the Core World and placed right beside him.


Happy cries came out from those of the Fate School. “Are you alright, master?”

Ge Yiyun was looking a little frail, but he managed to show a smile. “Nothing major. I still require some time to heal, that is all…”

Truthfully speaking, the technique Ge Yiyun used to boost his power took a significant toll on his body. He wasn’t in danger of dying, but he wouldn’t be able to function at full strength for an extended period of time. But that wasn’t important. As long as the school was fine, he was fine.

He schooled his emotions to bow toward Shen Pojun and the Frostfeather Saint. “Our Fate School was able to survive due to your sovereignty. Please accept my most humble of thanks…”

The others from the Fate School stood up to bow at once as well.

“Your words are far too kind, Headmaster Ge.” Shen Pojun smiled. “It was because of your noble school that my Crafting School was able to survive as well. It was only appropriate that we return the favor…”

The Frostfeather Saint nodded, “It was not a troublesome matter. You are too kind, Headmaster Ge.”


As the headmaster of the Fate School, Ge Yiyun found himself sitting in the sole remaining chair above that of Shen Pojun and the Frostfeather Saint while Bai Yunfei and Li Chengfeng returned to the side with the others.

“Yunfei,” Shen Pojun spoke, “you have yet to tell us where you went. Who did you chase and what did you bring back?’

“It was a plentiful harvest,” Bai Yunfei replied, “I was originally chasing the junior headmaster, Mo Ni, but…”

And so he began to retell the story of his chase. As he spoke, everyone listened to his words with bated breaths. And when he spoke of how he and Xiao Qi managed to kill Nether and the other Late-stage Soul Emperor, several of the audience gasped.

“In other words, the only one from the Soul Refining School to escape is Gu Jimie. The Soul Refining School has lost virtually all their Soul Emperors, meaning they are left with nothing. They will find themselves unable to survive for much longer.” Shen Pojun stated.

“Unfortunately, the Soul Refining School are hidden away in the Lost Swamps. We’ve yet to find them, else I would’ve sought them out earlier and get rid of them.”

“Senior Frostfeather,” Bai Yunfei turned to the Frostfeather Saint, “Our victory was due to your timely arrival, and I am grateful for it. But…why is someone as important as you here in such a place?’

“A person told me of this location, and that he had a matter with you he required assistance with. I came for that purpose…”

“A person told you? Who?”

“A special existence within the soulbeast world, his name is Zhi Tian.”

“Senior Zhi Tian!” Bai Yunfei cried out loud, “He was able to predict the Fate School’s future? And he came to ask you to help us?”

The Frostfeather Saint nodded. “Zhi Tian is from a particularly rare bloodline, one very similar to what the Fate School is to your world. He possesses the ability to divine the most supreme of mysteries and learned that there would be an important battle today. I admit, I found myself hurrying to this location, however…there is also another reason why I am here today.”

He turned to Ge Yiyun, “Zhi Tian told me of the location of the ‘Supreme Saint’s Inheritance’ could be found here. Perhaps…those enemies attacked you for that express reason?”


Shen Pojun flew to his feet at once as if flustered. “The Supreme Saint’s Inheritance?! Headmaster Ge, do you know where the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance is?!”

His reaction surprised not just Bai Yunfei, but also the others. Yang Yao and a few other select members all had confused expressions on their faces.

“Ancestor…what is this ‘Supreme Saint’s Inheritance’ you speak of?”

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