Chapter 1272: Deadlocked!

“Mid-stage Soul Emperor…How is he already a Mid-stage Soul Emperor?! It’s impossible!!”

Mo Ni shrieked. His face was as pale as chalk as memories of before seized control of his emotions. 

He could still remember the past when Bai Yunfei once managed to kill a Mid-stage Soul Emperor. It wasn’t that long ago, but Bai Yunfei had to make use of whatever powerboosting technique to fight Lu Suxing. Even though Lu Suxing, a Mid-stage Soul Emperor, wasn’t in the best of shape, Bai Yunfei had still struggled to kill the man.

However, Bai Yunfei only had to use a single soul armament to instantaneously kill a Mid-stage Soul Emperor!

The staggering difference felt as icy-cold as a bucket of iced water to Mo Ni.

No longer did it seem like he was even a ‘rival’ for Bai Yunfei. The person he hated most in his life was somehow far beyond his reach. And most annoyingly enough, Mo Ni didn’t even feel like he could even be considered to be an ‘old rival’ anymore… 

He glared at Bai Yunfei, humiliated for himself and furious at Bai Yunfei, but the latter didn’t even pay attention to him. In fact, it didn’t even seem like Bai Yunfei had even noticed him yet… 

Bai Yunfei’s attention was focused entirely on Gu Jimie and Guan Xiongyan.

His eyes widened by a fraction when he sensed their auras, “Saints!!” He muttered.

Their auras were terrifying and equal in intensity to Shen Pojun!

The enemies had two Saints with them!!

It was completely unexpected by Bai Yunfei. 

Two Saints and nine Soul Emperors (Including the two that had just been killed). What a dangerous fighting force to go up against the Fate School… 

He sent a message to the Core Stone the moment he finished analyzing the enemy’s power. In response, the air around him trembled before opening up to reveal several figures.

Shen Pojun, Chu Yintian, Yang Yao, Hu Yang, Ouyang Hua, Yang Ying, and Xiao Binzi. The finest of the Crafting School was now assembled and ready to fight.


Many blanched at the sight of these people appearing out of nowhere, but Gu Jimie looked overjoyed for some reason!

It seemed like everything was going as he wanted!!

On the other side, Shen Pojun was also staring at the two Saints with a calculative expression.

Everyone thought that having Shen Pojun here would allow the Fate School to resolve whatever issue they were having. Unfortunately, the enemies having two Saints was a heavy blow to their morale.

“They have two Saints with them…how do we deal with that?!”

Bai Yunfei thought to himself in consternation. He was worried about the situation. When Shen Pojun wasn’t even a Saint yet, it took him and when Bai Yunfei was an Early-stage Soul Emperor to defeat the avatar of Gu Lianhun. Shen Pojun was a Saint and had his equipment upgraded to +12, so he could at the very least defeat another Early-stage Soul Saint, but what about the other Saint? Bai Yunfei had no confidence in himself that he’d be able to pose as a challenge to the second Saint, even if he used Berserk Mode and the Vampiric Demon Edge. 

It’d be possible for Shen Pojun to possibly defeat one of the Saints, but if the second one were to fight him immediately afterward? That’d spell disaster for Shen Pojun. 

But most importantly, there was no way the second Saint would stand idly on the sidelines as the first Saint struggled. As strong as Shen Pojun was, there was no way he’d be able to win against two at once!

Yes, the situation did indeed seem bleak for the crafters… 

“Two Saints?! But how…” Li Chengfeng trailed off from beside Bai Yunfei. He didn’t seem happy even though he had just killed his foe in no time at all. Just looking at the two Saints sent his heart in a great tizzy. “That’s the Hidden Horizon!” He gasped upon noticing the space behind Gu Jimie, “They’re trying to break the array!”

He felt somewhat relieved at that. The fact that the Hidden Horizon was still intact meant that the Fate School was still safe.


Unsure of what to do, Bai Yunfei could only look to Shen Pojun for advice.

“We cannot afford to be careless! Yunfei, use the Core Stone and take everyone away!!”

His words alarmed the rest of the group. Shen Pojun was assuming the worst-case scenario and was planning to bide for time for the rest of them to flee if need be.

There wasn’t any other choice, it seemed. The disparity of strength was just far too much; two Saints! None of their plans ever accounted for the enemies having two of them!

“You said that is the Hidden Horizon?” Shen Pojun asked Li Chengfeng, “Based on their appearances, I’d wager they’ve spent a considerable amount of time and energy trying to break it. I’m quite confident in being able to defeat one Saint, but I’m afraid that isn’t true if I have to fight two…”


Someone let out a cry of surprise as a new aura suddenly appeared far behind the enemies. And at the same time, Guan Xiongyan and Gu Jimie turned around to face this new presence.

Both sides watched intently as the Disorienting Mountain fractured at its very edge. Practically three kilometers in size, the fracture transformed into a hole and had several figures stepping out from it.

Li Chengfeng’s eyes lit up at the sight of the newcomers, “Teacher!!”

“Senir Ge Yiyun!!” Bai Yunfei cried out as well.

The atmosphere of the battlefield seemed to changed when Ge Yiyun appeared.

“That’s…Shen Pojun!! He became a Saint?!” Ge Yiyun looked astounded at the sight of Shen Pojun, though it was a source of great relief to him.

Ge Yiyun had been in a panic a moment prior. He had sensed Li Chengfeng’s aura when he was hidden behind the Hidden Horizon and feared that Li Chengfeng would be killed. Giving the order for the students to prepare to evacuate, he and the other Soul Emperors emerged from their hiding spot to prepare to fight to the death.

It just came to them as a huge shock that Li Chengfeng would actually have so many Soul Emperors with him, and a Saint even!

Shock turned to relief turned to hope. They…they still had a chance to live if Shen Pojun was able to defeat a Saint by himself! 


On the other side, Nether gave both Shen Pojun and Ge Yiyun a quick glare before turning to Gu Jimie.

“Stay your hands for now!” Barked Gu Jimie.

He glanced over to Guan Xiongyan, whose face was as dark as his right now. The two of them were hesitant.

The equation had far too many variables in it for a clear answer now. The appearance of Ge Yiyun and the other Fate School members introduced far too big an element of chaos for them to understand how the future would unravel. If one of them were to fight Shen Pojun, then it was unlikely if that one Saint would win. If both of them were to fight Shen Pojun, then it’d be hard for them to control the other factors. They’d have to leave their Soul Emperors to deal with the mess, and given the current numbers, that didn’t bode well for them. It was also possible that the students of the Fate School would take the opportunity to flee as well, and if that were to happen, then both the Soul Refining School and the Tianhun School would fail their main objective.

The abovementioned situation wouldn’t be a problem if Gu Jimie or Guan Xiongyan were to capture the Fate School themselves. But too many Soul Emperors would make it quite a problem for that Saint. Furthermore, that’d mean the other Saint would have to fight Shen Pojun alone, a situation even more dangerous than the first. Which one of them would want to take such a risk?


No one from any of the three parties spoke. They were deadlocked in a strange silence.

“Headmaster Shen, if you may allow this old man one question…”

Suddenly, a voice began to speak into Shen Pojun’s head. It was Ge Yiyun!

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