Chapter 1271: Immediately Killing Two

The wind-type Soul Emperor had absolutely no idea where the giant mountain had come from, and neither did he detect anything from Li Chengfeng. That meant this attack had to come from the other person with him.

But that didn’t explain how this meteorite suddenly appeared?!

The thought was only for a moment, however. The sense of foreboding death that suddenly gripped at his heart caused the man to forget about everything else.

No matter how terrified he was, the man was still a Soul Emperor in the end, and a Soul Emperor wouldn’t stay intimidated for long. Shouting aloud to dispel his fears, he immediately covered himself in a bubble of green light to protect himself.

—As fast as he was, he wasn’t fast enough to dodge the attack, which would’ve helped him. The man was prepared to withstand the attack.

For a Soul Emperor, enduring an entire mountain falling on them wasn’t too hard of a task. If they had earlier warning, the Soul Emperor could at least shatter it before it caused too much damage.

The Soul Emperor was planning to endure the initial hit and borrow the concussive force to avoid being squished. It would be a hard task, the Soul Emperor thought, but he shouldn’t experience too much trouble with it.

It wasn’t a half-bad plan, but not right now. He knew he had miscalculated the moment when the meteor slammed against his barrier. 

It was a grave miscalculation!

The power of the meteor vastly exceeded what he thought. Instead of being able to withstand it, the Soul Emperor would probably last for just a second at most before losing energy!

This meteor…did it come from outer space or something?

The thought of the meteor being from outer space crossed the Soul Emperor’s mind for just a moment before he let out one last cry of despair… 



A devastating explosion rocked the world as the meteor struck against the ground. The wind-type Soul Emperor was nowhere to be seen, meaning he had failed to escape the meteor. All that was left was a giant crater where the meteor had landed on the earth.


Whilst Li Chengfeng was dealing with his enemy, Bai Yunfei flew toward the giant orange disk.

The soul armament was a rare size-changing soul armament that could show unbelievable power by altering its mass. In its current size, the soul armament would definitely cause a tremendous amount of damage to any enemy unfortunate enough to be hit by it. Just like how a fly would be destroyed if hit by a car, any person hit by this disk would definitely be killed.

But was that enough to scare Bai Yunfei?

Not at all.

He only had a curious look in his eyes when he saw the soul armament. It was an interesting curiosity, but nothing more. Sneering at the attempt, Bai Yunfei waved his right hand outward.

Instead of exploding with power much as Li Chengfeng had done, Bai Yunfei took a more gentle approach. His soulforce trembled slightly and decreased just a bit, but that was all.


A small red object flew out from Bai Yunfei’s side. It was about the size of a hand and the shape of a small seal, but despite its size, the object flew at terrifying speeds! And as it approached, the seal began to expand in size to the size of a mountain!!

The Cataclysmic Seal!

In its gigantic form, the Cataclysmic Seal was truly akin to a raging and flaming mountain. The air around it smoked with devastating heat and it seemed as though anything that might make contact with it would be vaporized at once. Against the Cataclysmic Seal, the orange disk was like a pebble in front of a boulder; tiny and insignificant.

Needless to say, the Mid-stage Soul Emperor went white in the face at such a sight. And then the two soul armaments clashed.


The explosion died out after a series of echoes, but the Mid-stage Soul Emperor could only watch with stunned eyes at the aftermath—his own high-heaven tier soul armament had been destroyed and reduced to dust!


A large volume of blood was expelled out from his mouth shortly afterward. The soul armament had been something he had been raising and using for dozens of years now. For it to be destroyed now meant a near-disastrous amount of damage to the Soul Emperor and cause him to nearly faint.

He had, unfortunately, no time to think about the damage done to his soul. Fearing a swift follow-up, the Soul Emperor immediately erected a barrier of elemental earth to protect him as he retreated.

There was a reason why he did that, the soul armament that destroyed his soul armament was still coming at him!

“Boom boom boom boom boom…”

Multiple walls of elemental earth shattered apart as the Cataclysmic Seal plowed through them. The Mid-stage Soul Emperor was only able to retreat a hundred meters or so before the Cataclysmic Seal caught up to him.


Like when his soul armament was struck by the Cataclysmic Seal, the Soul Emperor spiraled away like a broken kite with blood streaming from his burning person.

A bright light flashed in Bai Yunfei’s eyes. Flicking his forefinger and middle finger up, Bai Yunfei sent the Cataclysmic Seal upward before then bringing his palm back down toward the ground!

Fear flooded the Mid-stage Soul Emperor as he flew away. He thought he was dead for sure, but then when he saw that the mountainous object was no longer anywhere to be seen, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Then he noticed the sky had suddenly gotten darker. Looking up, the Soul Emperor then went completely ashen…. 


With death rapidly approaching, the man did the only thing he could do. Scream.

The Cataclysmic Seal came crashing down soon after, burying the man beneath it as it plummeted to the earth.


The earth heaved tremendously as the Cataclysmic Seal embedded itself halfway into it. And the place it landed on was right next to where the +10 additional effect of the Meteoric Striker had landed.

The battle of both Bai Yunfei and Li Chengfeng ended quickly with both opposing Soul Emperors dying.




The entire world seemed to have gone silent as everyone tried to process what had just happened.

Because Bai Yunfei and Li Chengfeng had to stop for a moment to kill the two Soul Emperors, Nether and the other men with him were able to see them. Even Gu Jimie and Guan Xiongyan ceased their actions to stare at the two in shock.

The battle between the four had been so quick that some people were still having trouble realizing that it was already over.

The silence lingered for a while longer as the gigantic Cataclysmic Seal ‘disappeared’ and flew back to Bai Yunfei’s side in a streak of red light. That was when everyone snapped back to attention.

Even though the craters left behind by the Cataclysmic Seal and the meteorite were large, everyone expected to see the two Soul Emperors come flying out from it a moment later. They wanted to see their two Soul Emperors fine and normal so that they could remain sane.

Unfortunately, the craters remained silent. Not a single person nor presence could be felt from the crater. No one in those craters was alive… 

They…they were dead!!

The fact seemed chilling at the thought.

An Early-stage Soul Emperor and a Mid-stage Soul Emperor. They fought against two people of the same caliber and yet…they were killed in an instant!?

Since when did Soul Emperors become such weak people?! When was it ever possible for a Soul Emperor to be killed so easily?!


“Bai—Bai Yunfei!! That’s Bai Yunfei!!”

A terrified cried erupted from Mo Ni at long last, shocking everyone awake at once.

“Bai Yunfei?!”

The name struck fear in the hearts of several, Nether included. Not even Gu Jimie remained unaffected by the name.

He wasn’t fearful because of how fast Bai Yunfei and Li Chengfeng killed two of their own. He knew that if Bai Yunfei was here, then…Shen Pojun was here as well!

What transpired at the Wind Lightning School wasn’t unknown to him. He had been shocked when he first heard about it, especially when he learned that Shen Pojun was now a Saint. It made him glad that he didn’t go after the Crafting School, otherwise, the results might’ve ended up the opposite as he’d hope.

How Shen Pojun was able to become a Saint wasn’t a question he was willing to pursue at the moment. But now that he knew that fact, Gu Jimie was even more determined to get the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance first. And if it wasn’t possible to obtain it, then he’d more than likely attempt to travel to the location since that’d be where the main body of Gu Lianhun would be. It was possible Gu Lianhun was even imprisoned, and if he came over and found him, then the power of the Soul Refining School would be doubled. In such a case, the Crafting School wouldn’t stand a chance against them.

If Gu Lianhun could be stuck in such a land for over two hundred years, then that place would most definitely be a dangerous place. That was one of the reasons why he was so willing to share information with Guan Xiongyan. One more helper would definitely allow them a greater chance of success. And whomever obtained the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance in the end…well, that was a question for another time.

So it came to him as a complete shock that Bai Yunfei would appear here. But it also filled him with excitement as if he was watching a nice juicy steak being dangled in front of him.

Bai Yunfei was a disease to the Soul Refining School that had to be eradicated. And if the entirety of the Crafting School was there in the Core Stone, then that was even better! A single Saint like Shen Pojun would never be enough for a good chance of victory.

He wasn’t confident in his chances against Shen Pojun alone, but he had Guan Xiongyan with him!

Thus, this current situation was like a godsend for him. Eradicating Bai Yunfei, killing Shen Pojun, and destroying the Crafting School, all in one fell swoop!

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