Chapter 1270: A Prompt Arrival!

“Boom boom boom boom…”

Multiple explosions ripped apart the sky, deafening the ears of all around as they warped space in on itself.

Multiple men stood above the skies of the Fate School, each one of them focusing hard on the wavering space in front of them.

The one at the forefront of the group was Ge Yiyun. Several other men were with him, each one of them being over the age of a hundred and also boasting a very powerful aura.

Seven men in total, each of them Soul Emperors. Aside from Ge Yiyun, who was a Peak Late-stage Soul Emperor, there was another Late-stage Soul Emperor, two Mid-stage Soul Emperors, and three Early-stage Soul Emperors.

They are the strongest the Fate School had to offer. Students of the school weren’t divided by inner or outer students, they didn’t have the numbers for such a division. Each student held unbelievable talent, and that was the result of the meticulous planning of the Fate School. No other school held talent on such a high pedestal as the Fate School. They had more Soul Kings in store, but given the current circumstances, there wasn’t much of a point for them to be here… 

“Headmaster, the Hidden Horizon won’t last for much longer, please give the orders for the students to evacuate! We can only offer up a meager resistance if we fight, it’d be better for us to scatter to the winds instead! As long as a few of us survive, the legacy of our school will continue on…”

One of the elders urged Ge Yiyun.

The other elders all looked expectantly to Ge Yiyun, anxious to hear his decision. They all were resigned to their deaths. Their invaders were not a force they could afford to fight against. In short, they each believed the Fate School was at its end, and that there was no more hope to be had.

They weren’t even a match for a single Saint, let alone two… 

Their only goal was to sacrifice their own lives to bide for enough time for their students to escape. Even if they themselves died, the school would live on in the next generation!

But even that goal was unlikely to succeed, no matter how much they wanted to deny it. At best, only a few of their students would survive, but only at best. Should a Soul Emperor chase after them, the chances of survival would be little to none… 

“Has our Fate School really been resigned to such a path? Our enemies have two Saints amongst them, what chance is there to survive?”

As he was looked to, Ge Yiyun thought to himself amidst his despair and pondered about the situation. Never had he imagined that the Tianhun School would bring out such a force. It seemed to him that all the work he put in over the years to resolve this problem had gone up in smoke. That one chance of survival he once divined those many years ago seemed to be hollow and fake now.

“It’ll be too late even if Chengfeng brings Bai Yunfei and some more reinforcements…perhaps it’d be better for them to not hurry at all…”

His heart quivered at the very thought of Li Chengfeng. He didn’t want to give up, but the situation was far too bleak for him to think otherwise.

He noticed then, that his hands had been clenched so tightly into fists that they had gone white. “There’s no other choice, the array will fall in less than half a day. Let the others know, once the array has fallen we’ll ha—”


A new presence cut into Ge Yiyun’s sentence before he could even finish it. Eyes wide open, he glanced up to the north in shock!

“No!! Li Chengfeng is back!!”


Beyond the Hidden Horizon.

Despite the efforts of two Saints working together for two days and nights, the array had yet to be broken. However, no one was particularly worried. There was no way they’d be bothered by anyone worth being worried about. And even if a Saint came, what was one Saint to fear when they had two? Saints were already rare enough on the continent, having multiple of them allied in the same force was even more rare than that. 

There wasn’t a single part of space in front of Gu Jimie that was intact. Cracks ran along the surface of space like cracked glass, and several areas had even large craters that seemed to eat at the surrounding energy like a bottomless black hole.

Given the strengths of Gu Jimie and Guan Xiongyan, the two of them knew that whatever was ‘hiding’ inside this broken space was nearly on the verge of being revealed. The two glanced briefly at one another, and as if telepathically agreeing, they began to redouble their efforts to try and tear apart the array.

The rest of the Soul Emperors could only watch as the two Saints did their work. They didn’t know what the two were doing, but they could at least sense the change in the two. Excited, they continued to spectate the broken space in hopes of finally seeing the legendary Fate School.

It was at that moment the Soul Emperors took notice of a new presence coming toward them.

“Someone’s coming! A Soul Emperor!!”

In no time at all, two bright beams of light came streaking through the skies to fly toward the skies above the Fate School!

It came as an unexpected surprise to see two Soul Emperors appear out of nowhere, but that shock died down soon enough. The two Saints continued with what they were doing without paying any further attention to the newcomers. It was beneath their station to care for such people.

Without needing to be told, a Mid-stage Soul Emperor from the Soul Refining School and an Early-stage Soul Emperor from the Tianhun School flew forward to ‘greet’ them.

Given the distance, neither of the two Soul Emperors knew who the new Soul Emperors were. But judging from their trajectory, the two seemed to be trying to stop their group. And if they weren’t enough to defeat these newcomers, Nether and the others would definitely do it for them.

From his position in the crowd, Mo Ni began to feel uneasy for some reason. There was something about these newcomers that filled him with a sense of dread and fear.


Soon, the sense of dread he felt became clear to him. The moment when the aura of the two became clear, Mo Ni’s heart seized up in fear!

Before he could say what was on his mind, however, the two newcomers were already attacking.

The Soul Emperor from the Tianhun School basked the air around him in a green glow. When he waved his hand, a gigantic tornado of green light materialized out of thin air to attack the two!

The soul refiner followed in quick succession. An orange disk popped out from his space ring and covered him and itself in an orange and black light. Draining the surrounding energy into it, the disk swelled in size to crush its enemies!


These two newcomers, needless to say, are Bai Yunfei and Li Chengfeng. After traveling day and night to get here, the two were finally on the scene.

The very first thing the two saw was the giant black hole. That sight had Li Chengfeng extremely worried and flew even faster to get there.

As his concerned friend, Bai Yunfei followed suit. He already had the Core Stone prepared to bring out Shen Pojun and the others at a moment’s notice to provide assistance if they needed it.

They didn’t know the circumstances of the Fate School or who their enemies were, but they knew they had to reach the middle and cut off their advances right away.

The two incomings attacks were meant to attack both of them, but neither Bai Yunfei or Li Chengfeng were particularly worried. Instead, they unleashed an attack of their own.

“Damn you!!”

Li Chengfeng was beside himself. So concerned about the fate of his school, wife, and children, Li Chengfeng had nothing but hatred for those enemies in front of him. Roaring loudly, he produced a giant longsword from his space ring and lashed forward with it!


A beam of light shot out from his sword. It flew quickly toward the incoming tornado and somehow cleaved it in two!


The wind-type Soul Emperor blanched. Before he could retaliate, another dozen beams of red light were already showering down on him!

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!!”

Swiftly and nimbly, Li Chengfeng sent sword slash after slash onto his enemy so he could leave no safe route out and kill the man where he stood.

Stopping dead in his tracks, the wind-type Soul Emperor pulled out a green longsword. It pulsed once with light before he unleashed a myriad of attacks to break apart the attacks coming at him.

He allowed himself a sigh of relief upon the very last attack being destroyed. It was a single exchange of attacks, but the wind-type Soul Emperor now knew the power of his enemy was far stronger than his own. Defeating him by himself would be an impossible task. It’d be in his best interest to find a helper.


But it was at that moment when he realized a giant mountain was currently on its way down to smash him flat!

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