Chapter 1269: The Hidden Horizon Array

A few days had already passed since the wedding between Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun. Already, they finished their stay in Mo City and were on their way back.

Bai Yunfei wasn’t in any rush to return back to the Great Plain Province. Though he used the Core Stone to teleport the group, he’d always stop and tour a city whenever they came across one in their travel. It was a peaceful trip back to their province.

It happened on the third day of their travels, practically at the midway point back to the Great Plains Province. Bai Yunfei was currently touring a small city with Tang Xinyun, Huangfu Rui, and Li Chengfeng while the rest was in the Core World.

The one most excited to be in the city was Huangfu Rui. She was pulling Tang Xinyun with her through the busy streets while Bai Yunfei and Li Chengfeng followed behind.

Bai Yunfei noticed it right away when Li Chengfeng froze up. Seeing the pale-white face of terror on his friend, Bai Yunfei was immediately concerned.

That concern was amplified even further when he heard Li Chengfeng cry out. “What’s wrong, Chengfeng?!”

It worried him greatly to see Li Chengfeng panic this much. He was grasping at his heart and panting heavily as if in pain. “The…the Heart Compass! Something’s happening! In the Fate School! It’s the crisis! I…why is it happening now!?”

“What?!” Bai Yunfei gasped, “Quick! We must tell the ancestor! Xinyun, take the Core Stone!”

He and Li Chengfeng disappeared from the streets without warning, leaving Tang Xinyun with hardly any time to pluck the Core Stone out of the air before it fell.


“What? The Fate School is in trouble?! I didn’t realize that could even happen, could it be related to the Soul Refining School?”

Inside the Crafting School, Shen Pojun was shocked when he heard the news. Of course, the very first thought he had was that the Soul Refining School was responsible for it.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but if it’s anything like our school when we were invaded, the Soul Refining School is most likely involved.” Bai Yunfei replied, “Ancestor, I’m afraid we can’t return to the Great Plain Province first. I can’t do anything myself if the threat is great enough to threaten even the Fate School. I hope that the entirety of our school will be able to provide assistance…”

“Of course.” Shen Pojun nodded, “It was because of Li Chengfeng that you were able to return to our school’s aid in time. We owe the Fate School a great favor. How could our school stand by now then? Yunfei, prepare to depart for the Fate School at once!”

Though panicked for his school, Li Chengfeng was overjoyed to hear Shen Pojun’s answer. “Thank you, senior Shen!”



The Star Ocean Province. Outside the Disorienting Mountain.

A strange event was currently taking place. The mist that once covered the mountain was now no longer able to be seen, leaving the entire mountain and its landscape to be seen in full clarity.

In the skies above, a group of people stood together to stare at the tallest mountain.

They were a total of eleven with a majority of them being elders in their seventies or eighties. The men on the left all wore the same black robes, but those on the other side wore all sorts of strange robes. Regardless, all of them exuded a very powerful, the weakest of them being an Early-stage Soul Emperor. 

One person stood out amongst the rest in the group. A white-haired elder in black and the strongest one there—Gu Jimie! Standing behind him was the current headmaster of the Soul Refining School, Nether, his son, Mo Ni, the Black Dragon King, and Gui Nu. 

With the assistance of Gu Lianhun’s avatar, Gu Jimie was able to finally break through the last barrier and become an Early-stage Soul Saint.

He hadn’t done as Gu Lianhun had said to do after he became a Saint. Instead of attacking the Crafting School, he was instead here in this place.

He had a reason why he changed the plan. When he was absorbing Gu Lianhun’s avatar, he came across a piece of unexpected information.

The Supreme Saint’s Inheritance!!

This was something far too important to be important. Far more important than the Crafting School and far too important to be put aside. For that, Gu Jimie decided to immediately take action after he brokethrough.

The Supreme Saint’s Inheritance was something that could ‘determine’ the outcome of the Tianhun Continent. It was something that had to be taken before anyone else could do it!

The information received by Gu Jimie wasn’t complete, he had no idea where the inheritance could be. But what he did know was that there was one place that could possibly know about it—the Fate School.

But the location of the Fate School was always a mystery for the entire continent. No one had a clue or even a hint on where they might be, and no one even knew where they’d begin searching. As such, the Soul Refining School could only ask for ‘help’ from their ‘allies’, the Tianhun School. More specifically, the ‘rebel’ faction of the Tianhun School.

The results didn’t disappoint the Soul Refining School, and just half a month later, they were right in front of the gates of the Fate School.

Prior to the rebellion, the Tianhun School was powerful beyond belief. Greatly outstripping any singular school or clan, the Tianhun School still managed to be powerful even after Prince Hao split the school apart.

For example, even as the loyalist faction of the Tianhun School was preparing a counterattack, Prince Hao was able to lend enough of their members to aid the Soul Refining School in their fight against the Fate School.

A group of five stood on the right side, four of them being Soul Emperors. But the most prominent figure was an elder in rich robes that stood shoulder to shoulder with Gu Jimie.

His name is Guan Xiongyan, a man that was once one of the two most respected members of the royal family. A Saint!!

The amount of Saints in the world could be counted on one hand almost. They were existences basically on par with deities to the rest of the soul cultivator world. Why Guan Xiongyan decided to support Prince Hao’s rebellion was unknown to everyone, but that wasn’t the reason why he was here today. He wasn’t here to support Prince Hao’s ‘army’, but rather to confirm the existence of the Supreme Saint’s Inheritance. 

Its allure was far too tempting for any person to resist.


Guan Xiongyan was currently manipulating the air with his hands. Aura radiated from his person in great amounts as if to submerge and drown everything else out. Space ripped itself apart everywhere within several hundred meters of his hands. Parts of space fell apart like pieces to a puzzle to reveal scenery completely different than what was displayed.

When Gu Jimie raised his right hand, a wave of pressure flew out from his hand to cover the space in front of him. Under the work of two Saints, the final illusionary array protecting the Fate School was torn apart.

That was when Guan Xiongyan and Gu Jimie both realized something strange with the Fate School with some shock.


A loud explosion rang across the world without warning and shattered the rest of the layered space Gu Jimie and Guan Xiongyan was working to bring down. But instead of seeing the gates of the Fate School… 

“What…what happened?!”

As the youngest of the group, Mo Ni was the first to let out a cry explaining his thoughts.

That was because the entire mountain had suddenly disappeared from their eyes!

The entire mountain! As if it didn’t even exist!

This wasn’t an illusion—Mo Ni was completely convinced that the entire Disorienting Mountain had simply vanished out of thin air!

“This…must be the Hidden Horizon Array!” Guan Xiongyan announced. He, too, had been surprised about the disappearance. But he was seemingly the only one with a clue behind it.

“What?! The legendary Hidden Horizon Array?!” Gu Lianhun cried out as well. “It’s true, only such an array like that would be able to produce something like this. I’ve heard that once activated, everything within the array is taken into another dimension separate from reality, how does one break such an array?”

“No need to worry, something like that can be broken with some time and effort. If we break parts of the space inch by inch and find the node, we can break the array!”

To find an inch-sized node within such a massive area was a daunting task for everyone that heard it. But for someone like a Saint, this was not an impossible task, it was only a time-consuming one.

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