Chapter 1264: Visiting the Tang

The Forest Pass Province, Mo City.

Inside Tang Manor.

Multiple people were present right now in the halls. At the very end of the hall sat three chairs. Seated on the left chair was Tang Xinyun’s father, Tang Qianlei. On the right chair was Tang Zhan. And seated at the frontmost chair was a white-haired elder.

This elder was the true ancestor of the house of Tang and was Tang Zhan’s father, Tang Xuan. He was the previous head of the Tang and was far older than Zi Jin.

In other words, three generations of the ruling heads of the Tang were currently gathered here.

Normally speaking, the current head of the Tang would normally be the one taking care of internal and external matters. The students and previous generation would also be in charge of conducting external matters while those of Tang Zhan’s generation generally secluded themselves in training. This also went for those of Tang Xuan’s generation, who were Soul Emperors.

But things were different now that there was the conflict. The Tang couldn’t help but get entangled in the succession conflict and now all of the members were brought out from their isolation. Several of the Tang had already dirtied their hands with blood since the conflict started.

They were one of the Five Great Houses. Significant in power and status, the Tang had four Soul Emperors and over twenty Soul Kings. Tang Xinyun’s brother, Tang Jing, was one of the new Soul Kings the house had to employ.

Because this was an emergency meeting, practically everyone without a mission critical job was here. Everyone of any significant power within the Tang was here, and even though their numbers weren’t as strong as the Wind Lightning School, they were still quite strong in comparison to any of the Five Schools.

Tang Xuan wouldn’t even normally stick his head in if the discussion wasn’t of importance. As a Peak Late-stage Soul Emperor, he was far more busy with seeking Sainthood. Not even the ‘major’ matters of the continent usually concerned him. 

But here he was today.

It was especially calm in the hall aside from a few middle-aged men that spoke on the left. As they listened, the elders of the Tang found themselves thinking rapidly with thunderstruck expressions.


Once the middle-aged men finished speaking, all was quiet again in the hall. Many of the audience were struck dumb by what they had just heard.

Tang Xuan let out a sigh. “How terrifyingly powerful the Crafting School is. It is ridiculous that rumors once said the Crafting School was in decline. It was by their own hands that the Wind Lightning School came undone. Injured and forced to go into seclusion for a hundred years…it is a lenient mercy that the Crafting School didn’t uproot them from history as the Beast Taming School was. It is only a shame that a hero such as Dong Wanfeng lost his life…”

A sorrowful expression entered Tang Xuan’s face as he thought about Dong Wanfeng’s demise. He was at the same time surprise to hear about how Shen Pojun had attained Sainthood.

Five days had passed since news of the Wind Lightning School arrived in Mo City. It had already spread throughout the entire continent and caused massive waves of shock. With the quick and utter defeat of the Wind Lightning School, rumors of the Crafting School began to spread even more.

It was because of this matter that the Tang held an emergency meeting. The announcement that the Wind Lightning School would go into seclusion was not a small matter. Practically every single faction of considerable strength on the continent had to discuss amongst themselves the ramifications of such an event. And with how the Soul Refining School had withdrawn themselves, the previously tumultuous world of soul cultivators had entered a strange silence.

That didn’t mean the rumors were also dying out. It was already being reported that the loyalist faction of the Tianhun School was already preparing a fierce assault to capitalize on the current news. However, the continent had yet to hear of any news of the ‘rebel army’.

Tang Xuan head turned to stare at Tang Qianlei, “Where is that girl Xinyun? Has she not returned? She’d have returned home by now with that Bai Yunfei, I assumed?”

Tang Qianlei gave a pained smile, “It has been three years since she last returned…”

Three years ago was when Bai Yunfei had first disappeared following the battle with the Soul Refining School. The Tang had exhausted a considerable amount of energy searching for Bai Yunfei before they gave up, but Tang Xinyun didn’t. She searched the countless provinces in hopes of news, and eventually, communications with her own family had died out. That caused many from her clan to worry about her, especially her mother, Chu Qingxue. Every day, the woman would spend her time praying for the safe return of her daughter, and it was only when news of the Beast Taming School’s destruction that she heard about Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun. Only then did she relax.

A more pleasant smile replaced the previous one on Tang Qianlei’s face as he remembered something. “However, I do believe they should be home soon…She and Bai Yunfei are engaged, after all. I had planned on holding the wedding when he returned from his trip to the Qin, but that never happened—it’s never too late to hold one, though.”

Tang Qianlei would be pleased to have a son-in-law like Bai Yunfei. And that would also mean having a Saint as a friend if the two were to get married. Relations between the Tang and the Crafting School would be a good thing. Whether it was as a father or the head of a clan,Tang Qianlei was pleased either way.

Tang Xuan inquired about a few things after that, and it wasn’t until they were about done wrapping things up when housekeeper Zhong came rushing into the hall.

He didn’t even seem to care that he was interrupting their meeting. He simply bowed in front of all the people in the hall and gave his report, “My lord, the young miss has returned! And Bai Yunfei and the elders of the Crafting School are here as well.”


Tang Qianlei was taken back, “Xinyun is back?” He smiled, “And Bai Yunfei is too?! And the elders of the Crafting School? Could they be here…”

“What a surprise they would appear when we were just talking about them!” Tang Xuan rose to his feet, “They must have just arrived from the Black River Province, that means the entirety of their school is here…welcome them in!!”

If Bai Yunfei was here, that mean Shen Pojun was here as well. And as a Saint, there was no way they could possibly snub him at the gate. However, Tang Xuan realized that Tang Xinyun and the rest of her group was already outside the hall, so he stood up to walk out while the rest of his family followed behind with their eyes.

They all watched as a group of people walked into the hall. At the very center of the group was Bai Yunfei and Tang Xinyun, though the two of them walked behind two elders—Shen Pojun and Zi Jin. There was also Kou Changkong and Li Chengfeng, but they stood behind while Huangfu Rui tailed behind Tang Xinyun.

A considerable amount of elders were also in the group, but not all of them. Having three generations of headmasters was already a considerable enough welcoming group.

“Senior Shen!!”

Tang Xuan greeted at once. As a Peak Late-stage Soul Emperor, he took notice of Shen Pojun’s power at once and was awed. There was no way Tang Xuan wouldn’t recognize Shen Pojun’s aura, even if he had never seen the man before. A Saint was someone that stood on top of the world of soul cultivators, and there was no missing that.

Tang Xuan was a man of two hundred years of age, but even that was considered negligible in front of Shen Pojun. To call him senior was only right and contained his respect for the Saint.

“Haha, there’s no need for such politeness. Please accept our apologies for coming without warning.” Shen Pojun smiled warmly at the people greeting him.

“Brother Tang, I trust you’ve been well.” Zi Jin smiled as well toward Tang Xuan, he seemed to be thinking back on old memories upon seeing Tang Xuan’s face.

“Brother Zi Jin, it’s been several decades! I hope you’ve been well as well!”

The two met several times before. Despite being younger, Zi Jin was once a man that was able to stand eye-to-eye with Tang Xuan. It was only because of his injury from Dongfang Ming that Zi Jin fell from the ranks of a Soul Emperor while Tang Xuan grew to become a Peak Late-stage Soul Emperor.

“Father, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather…”

Tang Xinyun bowed politely to the gathered elders of her family. She was shocked to see that her great-great-grandfather of all people would be here. She was also shocked to see so many elders she didn’t recognize.

Bai Yunfei bowed at once as well. “Junior Bai Yunfei pays his respects to the Tang.”

“Junior Li Chengfeng of the Fate School pays his respects to the Tang.” Li Chengfeng bowed politely.

“Haha…what an outstanding group of youngsters. Very well…” Tang Xuan smiled and nodded at Bai Yunfei. He had at first thought he misheard Li Chengfeng’s introduction, but he could sense both their strengths and was shocked. 

To have that much strength at their age meant they were without a doubt the strongest geniuses of their generation. The only one that could match them in their house would most likely only be Tang Wei.

Seating everyone, Tang Xuan had Shen Pojun sit with him on two equally positioned chairs. Daring not to sit with a Saint, Tang Zhan and Tang Qianlei relocated to two chairs further down on the left while Zi Jin and Kou Changkong sat on chairs to the right.

Bai Yunfei sat by Kou Changkong’s side and stared at the gathered people in the hall. 

All of a sudden, the pressure he felt felt strong enough to crush a mountain.

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